mine: the lunar chronicles

Winter’s bravery is so overlooked. Do people not realize that Winter sacrificed her own mind and emotions by not tampering with those of others? She allowed herself to be scarred by her wicked mother, in a place surrounded by people obsessed with beauty, because she was so determined to keep her promise to never manipulate anyone, even if they threatened her. She saved Cress’s life under Levana’s nose, which could’ve resulted in punishment. Winter Hayle may not wield weapons, hack computers, or start a revolution, but she put others before herself constantly which deserves to be acknowledged with as much admiration.

Levana: *manipulates her subjects, kills innocent people, attempts to murder her niece, forces her husband into a relationship without consent, hides her real face from the public, starves the poorer sectors and overworks them, turns innocent children into wolf mutant toys soldiers, takes shells from families after birth to experiment on, etc, etc*

Everyone: We hate you.


  • Thorne, a flamboyant American: HEY GUYS. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY.
  • Wolf, a confused Lunar: The hell does that mean?
  • Cress, an intellectual: Ooh! I know this! It's an American holiday that celebrates independence from Britain, based off the document The Declaration of Independence, which hypocritically accused Britain of tyranny as a sort of enslavement while America enslaved Africans and terrorized Native Americans.
  • Rampion Crew: ...
  • Cress, looking up: Well, am I wrong?
  • Thorne, sighing: No...not at all...