mine: the lone ranger

Helena Bonham Carter’s brilliance in the last 30 years (1985-2015)


Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Hidden Figures - SNL

Shout out to Timeless starting at 2:21!!!


“It’s the most beautiful prop I’ve ever had. It’s meant to look like ivory and it’s all inlaid and engraved. And then inside…when I pull my garter, the heel pops down and a double-barrel gun comes out, and I can shoot. I can shoot from the heel, literally.”
Helena Bonham Carter as Red Harrington | The Lone Ranger [2013]

Season 3 prediction (not serious)

Allura leads the team and tries to convince Keith to use the Black Lion. (Black Lion and Keith both say no)

Meanwhile, across the universe, Matt and Shiro have reunited and accidentally become Space Desperados. It is entirely possible that Matt donned an eyepatch and a handlebar mustache and referred to himself as “One-eyed Bart” during a heist. Shiro will neither confirm nor deny that it happened.

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