mine: the following

(I was going to do this for 1k, and then 2k, and then 3k, and now here we are! 4k+ and I can’t believe it…)

oh lord, I started this blog barely three months ago and all the support I’ve already gotten is sososo mind-boggling!!! It’s amazing that over 4000 of you follow this lil corner of the internet and I’m incredibly grateful to have all of you, whether you come and talk (please do! I don’t bite I promise), reblog, like, or just lurk around. holla at my spectacular anons too, your asks are the best 😊 thanks for sticking with me! 

now onto the follow forever…I follow an obscene number of people so I’m sorry if I’ve missed you! whether we interact or not, your presences on my dash make my day brighter ❤ ️  

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Mar. 26, 2017 | 10:28 AM PDT

It’s been a little over three months since I started this blog, and WOW I have 300 followers?!  That number may not be impressive to some people, but every small milestone shows that this wonderful studyblr community is welcoming and supportive of everyone.

As a huge thank you to you all, I’d like some input on what I should do to celebrate this milestone (i.e. blog rates, follow forever, or something else).  Please reply or reblog and share your ideas.  Thank you so much guys ♡

cole sprouse really out here serving LOOKS 

first we got the young james potter 

next is pride and predjudice lookin headass 

lastly we got the beauty and the beast “no one gets those beauts like gaston” look

damn younger me was rooting for the wrong sprouse 


01 / 07 / 17 • Two more days left of winter break and I have barely finished anything early like planned because we’re so busy with packing for the move. Finished this spread though! New year resolutions. May 2017 be good to us. 🌼🌿