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just in time for Valentine’s Day

hii!! so its that time, time for skylar’s long over due 11k follow forever! woah! dedicate this to my ride or dies i love u guys:) im sorry if i forget anyone ah, lets go! ☆.。.:*・°


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so opening commissions! i decided so switch studies and id like to save up some money in case i encounter some unexpected government expenses..

what better way than through commission, right??!! i will draw basically EVERYTHING you ask me too, including nsfw! (i have no shame come at me people i dare y’all + i have some seperate examples for nsfw, just ask to see them) 

the only things i will not draw is anything explicit that’s underage and straight out rape

if you are interested please email me at: mortbucks@gmail.com
with the subject; “commission [your username]”
and a commission description + references!

for more examples see [my art tag], thanks for helping & sharing!! <3

examples & pricing under the cut:

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@ the people suddenly being angry at stan for not being up and about trying to save ford… I don’t know dude. I’ve had the feeling for a while that since that one scene in ATOTS where Ford refuses to say ‘thank you’, Stan has just sort of… given up on trying to get on the good side of him. 

every single interaction between them since then has been filled with anger and irritation, and mostly on Stan’s part. In DDNMD Ford actually tries to get Stan to join him and Dipper in playing, and Stan flat out ignores this and angrily throws Ford’s bag of nerdiness to the ground (and then we know what shit that gets them into). In the same episode he refers to Ford as ‘a dangerous know-it-all’ and does everything to convince Dipper not to spend time with his brother. In DAMVTF Stan tells Mabel to cheer up because ‘you have a brother who will be with you through thick and thin. not everyone can say that, y’know.’ he never shows any signs of ever coming to peace with Ford, he’s given up.

what Stan says in the promo is basically “it’s his own fault”, and really who is the one who has been trying to fix Ford’s biggest past mistakes his whole life? Stan, that’s who. when after 30 of having nothing in mind but trying to get his brother back so that they can maybe finally become friends again, to have those dreams completely crushed would make Stan just completely lose all hope he ever had for Ford. 

I’m not saying this to put him in any sort bad light, I actually think it might be good for him. his entire life has circled around his brother and trying to please him, but now the whole reason for it is lost. Stan knows that by the end of the summer he’s going out, probably never to see Ford again, so better make the best of it. he’s trying to distance himself from Ford, trying to act nonchalant when he’s captured by Bill because ‘I’m not cleaning up his mess this time’. he can finally become a bit more independent from his brother, but he does need to keep it to a certain level. (aka, don’t ignore it when he’s the new triangle overlord’s plaything, please.)

so… for the past couple months I’ve been thinking a lot about what I said in this post about Gideon and Mabel, and I’ve finally come to a conclusion. 

I totally and completely ship Magidbeleon. 

i know the ship is really unpopular and i am complete trash for liking it BUT BY GOODNESS i can NOT stop thinking about these two! They’re both so cute & i just like them together too much to care!╰(◡‿◡╰) 

I’ve been drawing them and making headcanons non-stop since December and i’m hooked. So I’m pretty sure i’ll still ship them after the finale but I don’t wanna jump the gun or anything so i’ll wait till to see if anything DRASTIC enough happens in the last episode to make me not ship them anymore. 

Disclaimer: for clarification i only ship consensual magidbeleon. i’m not into the abusive, creepy stuff. so i won’t be posting a lot of really shippy art until i see how they interact after weirdmaggedon. 

until then, have some one-sided affection from season 1 Gideon! (ôヮô)