mine: the civil wars

“don’t you dare look out your window
darling, everything’s on fire”

Safe & Sound // Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars


Shared this before but so worth another share. Her voice is haunting and the Civil Wars are just perfect (I so wish they were still together).

potentially lovely. perpetually human.


track list:

1. i’ve got this friend - the civil wars 2. mona lisa - dan & drum 3. catch my disease - ben lee 4. you and i - ingrid michaelson 5. perhaps, perhaps, perhaps - cake 6. prison food - ben folds 7. open - regina spektor 8. never let you go - william fitzsimmons 9. to be a woman - paige chaplin 10. i want you back - lake street dive 11. radiate - hana malhas 12. white flag - will driving west 13. hey daydreamer - neil halstead 14. i found a reason - cat power 15. you’re true - eddie vedder 16. flower - amos lee 17. forever more - i am the sky 18. sparks - coldplay 19. this must be the place - iron & wine and ben bridwell 20. something about your love - mason jennings 

#CivilWarsintheKastle Week

Day 1: The Devil’s Backbone or Poison & Wine

[on AO3]

“I’m sorry for the intrusion,” Frank mumbled as Karen helped sew the laceration on his cheek closed.

Karen snorted. “Please, Frank, we passed ‘sorry for the intrusion’ months ago.” She couldn’t resist rolling her eyes at his high-handed courtesy before she snipped the last of the stitches. “At least you used the front door this time,” she sighed, standing up from crouching in front of him at the bathroom mirror. “Coffee?” she called over her shoulder, walking out of the room.

“No, thank you, ma’am.” Frank declined the offer while peering at himself in her mirror. Her stitches were getting better and better each time, which reminded him… this should really be the last time. This… showing up at her place, letting her follow him around on missions, coffee… it all had to stop.

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