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“I think I’m a very addictive person; whether I point that out through sex, drugs or something of a higher value. I’m not really sure. That’s all I’m really seeking. Maybe you had an experience when you’re really young. You feel like you want something, but you don’t actually know what that is. I remember waking up the other night and really craving something, but not knowing what it is. That feeling has been prominent throughout my whole life.”

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm new to the 1975, I was wondering if you could tell me about each of the members?

hello welcome darling!! well here are the basics but I’ll do my best to give you a little rundown as well :)

matty healy, 24: vocals, guitar and sometimes keyboard. matty has the most magical hair. he is a little fashionista. he is super stylish and rocks anything and everything (case and point). he calls himself “truman black”. he’s really obsessed with dogs, as is the rest of the band (he says it’s their secret obsession) and also really likes monkeys (I think he said that somewhere). his parents are two very well known actors from the uk and he has the cutest little brother whom he loves immensely (e.g., is there somebody who can watch you). he is incredibly articulate and I could listen to him talk for the rest of my life. he drinks wine straight from the bottle on stage a lot and it’s wonderful. matty’s favorite snack is hot raisins and this is important. ALSO THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED

george daniel, 23: drums. george is a wicked drummer. like unreal. he pulls off the most awesome drumming faces and is an all around badass drummer. he also does most of the sound and production stuff in their more stylized songs and remixes aka he is a fucking musical genius. he sometimes calls himself bedforddanes. he also loves dogs and red vines a lot and has the prettiest tattoos W O W. he is tall and cuddly and also has amazing hair. he and matty are literally the cutest  best friends I have ever come across in my entire life. he has the most BEAUTIFUL voice.

ross macdonald, 24: bass. ross is probably the most gentlemanly and polite person ever. he is cute and tall and he loves penguins. he even has a tattoo of one and this happened in new zealand and all was good in the world. he is a super cool and groovy bassist and also plays that little square thing with the buttons in m.o.n.e.y. and menswear and it’s perfect. love him forever.

adam hann, 25: guitar and sometimes keyboard. adam is brilliant. he is super tech savvy and I think used to study biochemistry or something along those lines so basically he is a genius. he is incredible at guitar and watching him play is the coolest thing. he has such a cute smile and when he talks it is beautiful. especially about his guitar. he is so precious and passionate. also super handsome and his eyes are just lovely. this is tropical adam. this is baby adam and matty. he is adorable.

and this is them describing each other in a sentence or two  :)

okay wow that took a lot longer than I anticipated but there you go! hopefully that helps a little but there’s so much more haha don’t hesitate to ask if you have any other questions! I’m glad you have found these wondeful boys :) love you bunches xxxxxxxx