mine: tf

Title Fight

Last year, I tried to learn
What makes me so insecure
What better way to pass the time?
I lost myself in my mind

I just want to hear the words you speak
When I’m not around, what do you think?
I think I’m hopeless, I think I think too much
Bruised and broken covered up with blush

Tell me what’s wrong
With forcing myself to write it down
Never made a sound
I never second guess I’m right the first time

okay MTMTE-ers, listen up. this is EXTREMELY important.

I’m sure you all know the DJD. Of course.

So I’ve been doing a bit of thinking… and I realized something about (my personal favorite member) Kaon. First, I want you to take a close look, and see if you can figure it out. I even got you a picture of the cutie.



Kaon has no eyes.

You’re staring into the pits of Kaon.

when you’re happy your 2 second shoot is over


There are not enough random, weirdly awful fetish sketches on my blog? Lemme change that real quick.

I like to think that the tube/cable things on the neck are loose and you can put hooks on them. Why? Because I’m a very confused person.