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Sé que es amor

Sé que es amor porque todo lo que dices me arrebola, escalda y enerva independientemente de si hablas o no, independientemente de si permaneces o te vas.

Sé que es amor porque lo suda mi credo que lleva tu nombre independientemente de si el tuyo lleva el mío o no.

Sé que es diferente, a nadie introduzco con tanta frecuencia en mis fantasías. Yo no te quiero, sino que te amo, porque sin control gira independientemente de si lanzo o no el diábolo al aire, que es tan libre como tú, y tan como yo te amo…

Prompto always thought he was just nothing more than replaceable trash until Luna entrusted him to become friends with the person she loved the most and that was her way of saying “I don’t care how you were born and where you come from, but I know you are worthy enough to support someone really precious to me and become his friend. It has to be you and no one else”. Can you believe how much that must have meant to him? Out of all the many, many people the famous Oracle could have chosen, she chose him over anyone else. Her letter saved him and made him realize he is not replaceable trash and that the circumstances of his birth didn’t matter. He is unique and precious, and no one else could ever replace him. Luna was the push he needed to be brave enough to become friends with Noctis. She saved him from his misery and I really wish they would have met each other because they would have become great friends.

i don’t wanna sound rude or anything but please remember i’m in no way an expert when it comes to adhd or mental health issues. i’m just another person who happens to be affected by it. so when sending asks to this blog, please keep in mind that there are problems i possibly can’t help you with. 

especially asks regarding the likes of “oh, i think i may have adhd but i’m not sure, what do you think?”. that is probably the number one ask i receive. but to be honest, my advice on this end will always remain the same. if possible, try and get assessed by a professional. that’s the best thing you can do.
i’m aware this is not always possible but please realize there’s nothing i can do other than suggest this and that.

my perception of this disorder and others is ultimately just all that it is. my own, you see. colored by my own experiences. i can’t tell you whether you not being able to focus could be linked to adhd or some other cause. i hardly know enough about you or your situation to give you a reliable reply to that. and even if i did, all i ever can say is, it is a possibility.

so yeah, just something to keep in mind. thank you. <3 take care, lovelies!