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Gif source:  Stiles

Imagine falling in love over the summer with Stiles.

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When you’d gone to Beacon Hills to spend the summer with your grandma, you had had no intention of finding love. In fact, you had sworn yourself off it the previous semester after a particularly bad breakup that had involved your ex cheating on you with your best friend.

You had only needed to get away.

Now, you never wanted to go home. Kissing Stiles goodbye was soul-crushing after the summer you’d had with him. You’d spent nearly every waking moment with him not long after you’d arrived in this little town, finding yourself falling dangerously in love with him in the span of a few months.

“I don’t want you to go,” he breathes, forehead pressed against yours as your lips hover not far apart, your bags sitting abandoned at your feet. You open your eyes from the kiss first, watching as his own dark browns open to give you a longing look as he confesses, “I love you.”

“You’re killing me, here,” you chuckle, feeling your cheeks flush despite the fact you’d heard him say those words with increasing frequency over the last few weeks.

“If I could convince my dad to let you stay in the spare room, and you convinced your mom…” he trails off, already knowing the half-cocked plan would never work, especially with the reality of your plane ticket sticking out of your back pocket.

“I’ll come back every chance I get, like for break! And we’ll talk everyday, Stiles,” you giggle, placing another, more chaste kiss to his lips as you wrap your arms around him for one final hug. “I love you, too.”