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Stydia AU: MIT and George Washington finally shuts down classes for Spring Break. After nearly a month of not seeing Lydia, Stiles wants to photograph every moment. 


My Dear, I’ll be there soon: When Lydia turns eighteen her mark appears on her wrist: 500. 500 days left and she still has not met him. She isn’t sure how to describe her mark because it keeps changing every day. It’s not permanent and at the same time, it is. The days change and the number goes down but she doesn’t feel her skin burning. It’s something worse: it’s one more day without him. [fic by @lydiamarkin]


Stydia AU: You make love look easy by @hollandroden​ [FIC LINK]

College/Boston AU. Stiles and Lydia grew up together in Beacon Hills, but there was no supernatural element and therefore they never became friends in high school. They connect years later in Boston, of all places, where Lydia is a student at Harvard and Stiles is studying criminology. Oh yeah: he’s also a nanny.

without really meaning it

The Way You Said “I Love You” Prompts
@stileslydiah requested “24. Without really meaning it”

Watching Derek dote on someone is hard – harder than Stiles thought it would ever be, despite the fact he knows it’s insincere; despite the fact it’s the job and nothing more.

 It’s hard because Stiles hasn’t had those arms around him in months, hasn’t had opportunity to arrange a chance meeting on a crowded street in weeks, hasn’t had Derek’s eyes meet his and watched his mouth curl into a smile for him.

 Derek’s team have been fairly indulgent, letting Stiles tag along on the assignment to observe and allowing him to blend with various crowds just to be close to Derek. Early on, before Derek insinuated himself into their mark’s life, they even allowed them to talk on the phone, but that might as well have been in another lifetime.

 Sometimes, Stiles hates his job, hates Derek’s job, hates the fact they’d never have met if it wasn’t for their jobs because then he can’t hate it as much.

 Stiles is across the restaurant and he can’t tear his eyes away from the back of Derek’s head for more than a few seconds at a time, usually at the prompting of the agent he’s sitting across from.

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Teen Wolf AU: Where Lydia is awarded the Fields Medal and lands on the cover of TIME, where they do a piece on her accomplishments and personal life.

Important information:

- Lydia Martin is driving over 40 hours to take her boyfriend to his dorm.

- Probably partially to christen his bed with him

- Also to show everyone around who he belongs to, tbh

- It’s only about 6 hours by train between MIT and Washington.

- Lydia is starting as a Junior, so she could technically graduate in a couple of years

- Two years before she can move to Washington so they can live together

- And then get married as soon as Stiles graduates.