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Baberoe human and banshee aaaaahhh omfg also speirton (hunter and werewolf of course I wanna see that!!!) <333 - @jim-bones-spock 

(Speirton will be done son!! Since imagines are taking me so long I figured I would start off with headcanons instead)

Human! Babe and Banshee! Roe:

-When Babe first meets Roe he is enchanted by him

-Babe is so quiet so when it’s revealed that he is the banshee in the group, Babe immediately knows he has to befriend him

-But Babe as we all know isn't so subtle with things like this so despite his good intentions, Roe is a little offended when he spots Babe staring at him and the first thing he says is “Do your eyes change colors like the everyone else?”

-Roe debates ignoring his statement and just leaving but seeing the puppy eyed innocence in Babe’s eyes makes him realize, he really is just curious

-So he indulges in Babe’s little wishes about getting to know everyone and how they work together

-But there are times when Babe can go a little overload on questions which leads Roe to snapping at him

-When Roe starts to hear voices he isolates himself to prevent screaming in order to hear the voices speaking

-Babe does everything he can to try and understand what Roe is going through

-”Listen, I know it’s hard, but I’m not going anywhere. I’m here to help you.”

-”Why don’t you call me Babe? Why is it always Heffron?”

“Because I don’t want to get used to having you around and then waking up to your voice in my head.”


Cody Christian AU: He does a Live stream at 2AM while staying over at your place

Me too Stiles, me too.


Cody Christian AU: You and Cody fell pretty hard for each other while shooting a movie together. Now that you’re officially dating, another cast member is teasing him about how whipped he is. 

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Nine to Five (Part 1)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Father Stiles AU. All Y/n wants is to find a new family to care for, when she comes across an AD in the newspaper, she couldn’t be happier. Stiles hires a new nanny for his daughter, but he soon realizes that he hired someone that would soon become much more than just a nanny.

Do let me know what you think about this, pretty please. Feedback is always wanted. I remember reading something similar to this and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head; I really enjoyed writing it!

Part 2

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“What about this one?” Lydia questioned, eyeing a small square at the corner of the newspaper. “Nine to Five nanny service needed in the Beacon Hills area, must have experience with children under six years old. Email your resume… Short, straight to the point.” She mused, showing you the ad. You shrugged your shoulders, nodding at her to tell her to send your resume. With a few clicks on her computer, she smiled at you and took a sip of her coffee.

Being without a job for the last two weeks felt amazing, you felt like a new person; refreshed and comfortable. You were sad to see the family you looked after move all the way to the United Kingdom, you always thought you’d see Lori and Brett growing up so your heart shattered when the news was broke to you, but after a couple of days, you accepted it and it was time to move on. Except every ad in the newspaper was either taken or two hours away.

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Trailer: Trust Fall | Teen Wolf Zombypocalypse AU; Derek, Stiles, Peter, Scott
WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised! (blood tw; death tw; flash tw)

You never can be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse.

A/n: So, I am alive and back to business. And just because youtube is a Grade A copyright knight I can’t post the thumbnail to this vid. So I’m just gonna post it here:

Sterek Mafia AU of a different kind. John Stilinski is the king pin of Beacon Hills mafia, his son - Stiles - is a party animal with bad behaviours. 

Derek Hale is Beacon Hill’s best undercover operative, they send him into one of the parties to get information on Stilinski’s operations, but he gets cornered outside by Stiles. After a lot of flirting on Stiles’ behalf and a few unwelcome touches, Derek dumps Stiles in the pool and leaves.

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Stiles, stunned climbs out of the pool and goes upstairs to change. His best friend, Scott, follows him up, asking if he’s okay, but all Stiles can manage is “Holy shit, I’m in love.”

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The truth is, Stiles has been trying to get out of his father’s business and get away from Beacon Hills, but his father keeps him passive; fuelling his drug addiction and using him as bait or a bargaining chip (occasionally going so low as to sell his son for a night of pleasure to seal a good deal on the black market).

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Stiles gets arrested for possession of illicit substances and when his father bails him out he drags his son aside and threatens him, saying that if he so much as breaths a confession he’ll be disowned.

Stiles sneaks out that night and turns himself into the police, to Derek.

He begs Derek to take him away from the at life and Derek agrees, helping Stiles go through rehab and find a life beyond the one he’s been living. 

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A year later, Stiles comes back to the police station and asks to see Derek.

The others are amazed to see the progress he’s made; he’s seeing a therapist (who turns out to be Derek’s sister, Laura), he’s living a happy, healthy life, and the only reason he has come back was because he still hasn’t had the chance to ask Derek out on a date.

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Sterek Superman Au

Derek Hale, mild mannered newspaper reporter by day, crime fighting super powered hero also by day! Wait what? Chiselled jaw, rock hard abs and the sweetest southern accent this side of a Kansas corn field. Who wouldn’t want to date this guy? Cue Stiles Stilinski, a pale sarcastic photographer for the same newspaper who catches Derek’s eye, but is that all he is? Is their love even real? Stiles himself is starting to question these things. What does a superhero and a hired mercenary have in common? An alter ego wearing black framed glasses.

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Imagine single dad!Derek coming back from Texas with a baby that has Hale features and darker skin - Braeden was killed when Aurora Laura (yes they named her that, stop laughing) was six months old. Rory is now almost four and showing signs of lyncanthropy so he decides to move to the somewhat stable Beacon Hills territory, thinking hey he knows the Alpha and they'll be safe. And it turns out that Stiles didn't go into law enforcement. He's the kindergarten teacher. -A

Better yet, kindergarten teacher who consults with law enforcement so he has a way of keeping track of everything in Beacon Hills (sorry, my mind went wild).

Single dad!Derek is one of my favourite AUs because Derek would be the best dad ever.

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Imagine Derek named his daughter Aurora because she’s the light of his life and he hoped as a baby she would sleep through the night, both came true.

Imagine Scott asking why Derek came back to Beacon Hills and Derek introduces his baby to the pack - Stiles isn’t there; he’s at diner with his dad - and begs Scott to let them back into his territory so that his daughter is safe. Scott accepts them without hesitation and reminds Derek that it’s Hale territory too.

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Imagine Aurora coming home from kindergarten and telling Derek that his teacher has a crush on him, “Stiles says you’re pretty” or “He really really likes you” or whatever compliment Stiles has muttered under his breath as he watched Derek’s fine ass walk away that day.

Imagine Stiles dropping Rory home when her dad has to work, fight off supernatural threats or deal with Peter - who Derek’s trying to keep out of Aurora’s life because she deserves better than to have a psychopath as an uncle and Derek is only willing to let him into her life when Peter proves himself.

Imagine Rory coming home and asking if Stiles can be her daddy. Derek feels like he’s been replaced but Rory explains she wants two daddies and Derek jokingly remarks, “That can be arranged.” However, the joke falls through when a week later he and Stiles go on a date and things develop from there.

(I’m very passionate about this now and I want so much more)