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[BREAKING] L.Joe leaves TEEN TOP + TOP Media

Bad news for Angels.

It has been revealed that rapper L.Joe, member of popular boy group TEEN TOP, has filed to for contract nullification with TOP Media as well as chose to leave his boy band. His contract was originally supposed to end in 2018.

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A month into 2017 and everything has already gone to shit.


-L.joe leaving teen top
-Ze:a disbanding
-Wonder girls disbanding
-Spica disbanding?!?
-M.I.B disbanding??!!
-ChoColat disbanding
-I.O.I disbanding
-Whatever the fuck JYP is doing with Miss A
-The end of 2ne1 (still crying about that*)
-Big Bang?!? And whatever is going to happen to them

-Two Hwayoungs being exposed??!!

This is not the year for boy groups….

- L.Joe left TEEN TOP 

- Kevin left U-Kiss

- The amount of underrated groups on Produce 101

- The Legend Disbanded

- History Disbanded

We are not even half way through 2017. I can only hope the rest of the year gets better

Don’t let anyone dictate to you what it means to be a fan. As long as you love and support them you don’t need to list reasons why to some idiot who thinks their music quality is low and that they don’t have real fans it’s only cause of their face. Yes there are kpop groups with less than amazing music and singers but there are people out there who genuinely enjoy it. Stop trying to crap on everyone’s parade just cause you are not happy with it. Enjoy your shit and let everyone else enjoy theirs.