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Tea- The discreet witches’ best friend

If you’re like me, I don’t need to explain how awesome tea is. It’s calming, relaxing, energizing, and super easy to make. And these properties make it the best tool for someone who needs a discreet way to practice. 

1. Tea uses all four elements. Tea from the earth, water (duh), energy to heat the water for fire, and steam for air. Adding some of your own energy for spirit makes tea an excellent offering to the spirits, or a mini circle you can cast in a mug. 

2. You can be super flexible in how you make your tea. Add specific herbs for different properties (make 110% sure they’re edible first), use sun, moon, or other types of water (purified and safe to drink, of course), and drink your tea at different times of day. The flexibility and creativity can provide you with a thousand different options, depending on your intent. For example, I blessed my morning tea to provide me with enough energy to get through the busy day. 

3. Customize your mugs. You can draw sigils or other meaningful symbols on your mug, or buy ones with the color that matches your intent. 

 The best part? No one will every be suspicious of anything. Most will just think you really like tea, and might even get you some special blends or new mugs for your birthday. It’s easy, inexpensive, and good for your health as well as your spirit. 

What’s your favorite kind of tea? Add some of your own tea spells and ideas if you like. 

Lavender Tea

Lavender-a wonderful herb with many properties, including purification, anti-anxiety, youth, mental powers, healing and love.

It’s also a herb associated with Litha or Summer Solstice, which is coming up, so a nice cup of lavender tea could be a small part of the celebrations.

I make my lavender tea using 1 tablespoon of dried lavender buds, or you can use 4 teaspoons of fresh. To sweeten the tea, add agave nectar, date syrup or golden syrup. You can also add chamomile to your tea if you want, which I find super relaxing!

Disclaimer: (The safety of taking lavender during pregnancy has not yet been determined, please always do your research on herbs before using them)

sweetsigyn  asked:

Could you describe how to make a perfect cup of tea?

Well, I suppose the definition of “perfect” is one that varies from person to person, but this is how I make mine…

You will need: a kettle, fresh water, a teapot, a strainer for loose leaf tea, a mug/teacup, tea, a spoon, whatever you prefer to add (milk or a sweetener).

  1. Put the kettle on, use fresh water from the tap.
  2. Warm the teapot with hot water from the tap in order to help the boiling water hold its temperature when added to the pot with tea of choice.
  3. When the kettle is ready, pour out the warming water and add the tea of choice and boiling water.  Rule of thumb is a teaspoon per cup and one for the pot, but make it stronger or weaker to your taste.
  4. Let it brew for a few minutes, give it a little stir whilst waiting.
  5. Select mug/teacup and fill ‘er up, adding milk or a sweetener if you prefer.

A couple of things:

-I use mainly loose leaf tea from Taylors of Harrogate or the English Tea Store brand.  Favorites are Earl Grey, Buckingham Palace Garden Party, and Lemon.  Bottom line - loose leaf tastes a million times better than the dustings (which is what most tea bags contain). It’s like baloney vs. roast beef from a good deli. 

-Make it the way you like it.  If you like a Lipton tea bag dunked in tepid water, then go for it.  If you want to skip warming the pot and put a tablespoon of sugar into your cup, then go for it.  But I guarantee that most people will be amazed at the difference between the aforementioned Lipton tea bag dunked in tepid water and the tea produced in the process I have described because…

-I’ve made tea for people who say they don’t like tea and they were shocked at how much they enjoyed it.  I’ve also passed the proverbial acid test - the approval of a British expat.  *beams*

Happy drinking!

me and my mum went to this amazing tea shop the other day and they had these big jars of beautiful tea on the shelf and just you picked which one you wanted and they’d make you a little pot to drink and it was ugh, so beautiful.