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Friday Wrapped/Saturday Wrapped Up
23-24 June 2017

Here in Perth Western Australia we sort of exist in denial of winter and wait for the cold to go away. So on a mid-winter’s day, an electrician will be scampering about on my roof in short sleeves trying to ignore the cutting southerly wind. And The Husb and I will finally get dressed appropriately in the evening when we go out for beers and sushi train! That’s because it doesn’t get really cold here. In the coastal metro area we seldom even see frost. But it’s all relative; what I find bitterly cold, you might find pleasant. Visitors expect it to be warm here all the time though, and are almost offended when it’s not. It rains in August and blows in December - don’t come then.

It’s 7.00am, the sun is coming up all lemony and there is not a cloud in the sky. I am outside with my tea testing the temperature and wondering if my new long-sleeved run top will end up being too hot!

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Don't you think it's really ooc that I'm atla you never once see katara shouting at aang (excluding TSR) I mean she has even shouted at her dad but when it comes to aang she just coddles him and idolises him

I don’t think it was OOC, necessarily. I think it stems from, like you said, Katara coddling and idolizing him. When it came to dealing with Aang, she was often afraid to hurt his feelings. She even tells Toph that Aang responds best to positive reinforcement and a gentle nudge in the right direction. She literally sounds like his mother… and mothers tend to protect and guard their children, and scold them occasionally, but never yell at them the way she would yell at the others. 

There is one occasion I can remember when she did yell, however: The Waterbending Scroll. She told Aang to shut his stupid air hole. Then he cried and she’s like oh shit, i’m the worst mother ever. 

I don’t need to explain myself, but I feel like I have to apologize if any of today’s event corrupted your energy. If it made you bring out the popcorn and tea, great! Lol and I am also sorry on their behalf! Thanking you all for bearing with me through it 😖
Especially those who took the time to lighten up my page and spirits. Bless ☺️✨

me drinking tea: life is so beautiful, it is a tragedy that everything moves so fast. i want to embrace life. maybe i will do yoga later? haven’t been journaling for a long time, i could start again! life is beautiful.

me drinking coffee: alright motherfckers i have to get shit done and nothing will stop me!! this essay? i will finish!! no shanon not now i.have.to.be.productive. let’s get started #girlboss *falls asleep*

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Look at your tumblr. This is what you've been entertaining all day though. Yikes. Psychotic much? Something has you shook.

I’m only posting these in hopes that you’ll see the way you sound and present yourself. It says a lot about your personally and state of mental health. As well as how you truly feel about your self and the struggles you have dealing with your insecurities. Of corse someone in low vibrations (such as yourself ) will continue to fail to see that. But someone like myself will always hope for the better. Wake up sis


Samurai Jack Tea Ceremony