mine: tatta

Which British Company will Tatta buy now?

The Brits went but left an Angrezi Tatta - Tata as their Ambassador. One should not be mistaken that the only way the British hear the inner voices is by sticking a microphone with a chewing gum placed strategically under the table of Babu Moshai. It can also be done using Nano-technology.

Once again, dont be mistaken by Nano-technology - as some new avatar of Nano - the newest of Tata Khatara, the scooter on four wheels. It is how the British like to research on their colonial subjects by injecting Nanotechnology particles in the blood stream which then get polarized with the usual everyday appliances - particularly the Japanese make perhaps chosen by them for their ubiquitiousness - using weak electro-magnetic fields generated by them (Does that sound right, or it is more than that?).

The above applies to those teeming millions who are claimed to be represented by the Indian Netas - the common man. But Angrezi Tatta is a billionaire who inherited what he did per the wishes of British, and because he was a Parsi and as much culturally separated from the majority Hindus and minority Muslims as one could be in India, and still be called an Indian. So it is but obvious that the Angrezi Tatta always like to get back to the Great Britain whenever he has extra Rs 14000 crores made in 2G ghotala, and which Bharat Ratna A Raja claims he made, and make an FDI to purchase something that the British have already milked to the hilt. So if it is Corus, an extra USD 3 billion is nothing, for it can always be made by thinking of new ways for Radia to wear a new gown, or asking Chandra of Unitech to do the bidding for new round of auctions when the sarkari asses are sold a dime a dozen. The British know it very very well, and also know  the right amount of pressure by bringing in Sevarstal or a Brazilian competitor will be to make him loosen the dough. That is the problem with these Silver Spoon Mumdogs - they cant handle pressure. In nutshell, it is typical of western style quid pro quo - Tatta scratch British back, and British scratch Tattas balls. What a synergy, what a symbiotic relation?

The list is long - Tetley Tea, Jaguar Land Rover, Glaceau (practically British I guess) - why is it that this Tatta runs to the British Isles whenever he has free time or money? Why is it that this Tatta minces no words in praising the British Labor party - prior to the present govt - in how easy and quick it was to do things and without the netas interference. If you ask Tatta, I am sure, he will conjure a thousand examples of their efficiency, of the great benefits India reaped under the British rule or collaborating with them in their research work. Darpok Baniyas may not buy the good work done by British in the medical field in finding new cures using nano-technology, or for that matter, the American with their Stem-Cells simply because they paid with their sweat and blood but the Tatta sure buys it. Not only that, he falls for it hook, line and sinker. So its time the British Ambassador gets a British Passport?