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As coisas estão difíceis, eu sei. Mas é pra isso que você tem seus amigos, pra não ter que passar por isso sozinha.
—  The Originals.

I’ve come to the conclusion that having a low blood sugar in the middle of the night is 100% like having lycanthropy

Sometimes, you wake up, and your eyes snap open and you’re aware immediately. Other times, you wake up slowly and confused, with this vague dreamlike feeling of unease because you KNOW something is wrong and you KNOW you’re somehow uncomfortable, but you can’t put your finger on it because you’re still half asleep and your brain is underfueled. But then it DAWNS on you all of a sudden and you’re like “oh shit I’m low here”.

But then you stand up and shamble down the stairs, operating half on autopilot. You know its coming and you can’t get to the kitchen fast enough.

And then you’re in the kitchen.

And then, going on autopilot and motivated by that weak starving low feeling, you just sorta

Eat everything

And then you shamble back to bed and sleep like nothing happened.

And I’d totally like to think that someone with lycanthropy would experience the same thing before the actual transformations. Like, “oh fuck, the moon’s a waxing gibbous, looks like I gotta lock the fridge tonight”

Low Blood Sugar = Being a Werewolf