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Amy Yakima & Travis Wall - Contemporary - Wicked Game (SYTYCD Top 8)

SYTCD season 11 tour videos masterpost - updated list (original post)

Group dances:



Zack Everhart, Valerie Rockey, and Mark Goodman

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#1: “Sweet Disposition” (Top 10 + All Stars)

If we never do get another season of SYTYCD, I could honestly deal with this being the final group routine we ever get. I think the producers knew it, the dancers knew it, and everyone watching knew it, and all together, it created something so powerful that I got a little choked up when I watched it the first few times, and and even now, I can’t watch without the biggest wistful grin on my face. 

I knew when I heard The Temper Trap that we were probably going to get something amazing, but I had no idea how well they would utilize the song. Usually choreographers on this show tend to disregard lyrics, but everything about this routine embodies the song. And I would be here all day and this post would be an actual novel if I talked about everything I liked individually, so I’ll try my best to keep it short.

The amount of detail in here is insane. Sonya and Chris Scott are magic together because I don’t know how they did this in such a short amount of time. There’s a different story on every bench in the beginning, and Kathryn and Robert keep up their roles for the entire routine, a bit like they’re the kind, happy people sprinkling fairy dust on everyone to share their love or something, and even though I wish some people would have been seen at all (like poor Jacque), I think how everyone was split up was done excellently. 

But my favorite part of the whole routine is when Will is leading the group because he’s Will Wingfield and everything he does has an insane amount of heart in it, and also for that part where he turns around and gives a rallying cry because I’m not even sure if that’s choreographed. It looks like they were all just feeling the togetherness, and Emilio even said on Afterbuzz that he started to cry a bit during this because it was the last dance he was doing and it was such a great moment together. 

And Zack with all the hip-hop dancers (and Marco and Will) and keeping up with them, and the part where Kathryn and Robert are under the clock, and Jessica and Fik-shun in the beginning, and Dominic and Emilio even though Emilio isn’t even a breaker, and Amy and Fik-shun being partners on the bench, and the part where they all stop and Robert partners Ricky, and the end where they all run around and hug each other, and I could go on all day someone stop me

This is legit my favorite routine of the whole season. In case you couldn’t tell. Because this season was weird as hell, but because this is a piece of art and I can’t coherently explain my love for it. So I’ll shut up, seriously. 


I worked all day today, and as a reward, I’ve decided to go down a sytycd internet wormhole and watch a bunch of old dances. THIS one, is probably one of the more infamous because during her season, and up to this number, Jenna was unfortunately sort of unmemorable. (There were so many long haired brunettes that season!) But this routine was so crazy, I loved it immediately. Mark Kanemura also happens to be a favorite of mine, so that helped!

Also, I just now noticed Emma from DWTS is in the audience, yelling for Jenna, along with Robert R., when Nigel says Jenna belongs on the show. Aw.

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#2: “So Broken” (Tanisha, Valerie, Brooklyn, Emily, Serge, Zack, Casey, and Emilio), Top 16

Nigel always says that Sonya and Bjork were separated at birth. I rarely agree with him on anything, but I think he’s actually right on point with that. For some reason, Bjork and Sonya go together way too well, and she has a penchant for picking songs that are so good. Thanks to Sonya, I’m a Bjork fan now, and I never imagined that would ever happen. 

For me, the best routines are the ones that make me wonder how the characters get there, make me think up backstories for everyone, make me vividly picture where they live and what they do and how they go about everything, and make me feel like I can identify with them. I totally believed this Village of Broken People concept that Sonya came up with here.

This would have had a completely different air to it if it had been a duet. Even though they’re obviously broken and have a plethora of issues they need to work out, there was still togetherness and camaraderie in the village. The group chemistry for this routine was through the roof, like they were all one unit of traumatized people fighting through the day together before they go back to their broken homes. I could go on all day, I really could. 

And this was also when this season became The Tanisha Show. I suppose she’s their leader of sorts, the one by whom all standards of broken are measured, but I was doner than done when they flipped her upside down and she did that silent scream, and then when she stumbled forwards and fell backwards into the group and they all felt her pain when she did. People say she was never vulnerable or whatever, but I’m not sure how much more vulnerable you want her to be here. 

I really need to stop talking before I continue all day, but this is honestly one of the best routines this season, possibly one of my favorites ever, and it isn’t even #1. The group routines this season were so good, ya’ll.


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#2 “What I Like About You” - Valerie

I love this choreography!

I really like how Valerie plays with her music and how how lyrical her tap can be. Her taps fit the music really well throughout this entire solo. I especially liked the section with her over the top because it matched the lyrics of the song perfectly. 

Other than the musicality of this dance, there’s something about Valerie’s solos that I really like. She brings a great energy to the stage that other tappers haven’t really done before on this show. She has so much energy and charisma when she tap dances and it’s a wonderful thing to watch.

30 Days of SYTYCD (Season 10): Day 10

10: Favorite male solo: “Look At Me Now” (Fik-shun, Top 6)

I said it before and I’ll say it again: Fik-shun is one of the best soloists that has ever been on the show, hands down. I don’t think I have ever screamed that much during a solo, besides maybe Will’s James Brown solo because Will Wingfield. His body control is complete insanity, and this is easily one of the best moments of season 10 for me. I would actually pay money to see Fik-shun do this in front of me. 

That acapella part will never stop being the best thing ever. @_@


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