mine: sytycd


tate and kathryn rehearsing she used to be mine!!


She is messy, but she’s kind,
She is lonely most of the time,
She is all of this mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie,
She is gone, but she used to be mine.


Bringing this back, because its still amazing, and just re-watched it (: 

Audition Episode 1 - Season 14

Dance is back, Mary’s back, and everything is once again right with the world. Here’s my thoughts on this weeks auditions.

(names link to audition video)

Mark Villaver - I don’t think I’ve ever seen break dancing quite this smooth before. This routine was simple and amazing. Mark made this look so effortless and made combining the styles look so elegant and easy. He brought emotion into a normally strictly trick heavy style and I loved when he just stopped leaned back and breathed, taking in the emotion of the routine. I was really impressed with the fluidity of his arms as well. I feel like a lot of breakers have stiff arms because that’s just what they’re used to using, and it’s how they control their movements, but this fluidity that Mark has is going to translate really well to other styles. Even the shape of his hands was very pleasant. This guy must have more up his sleeve than just breaking/hip hop. 

(Also I love that his mom also dances, she seems like quite an amazing woman)

Kristina and Vasily - WOW! Honestly this was my favorite audition of the night. Like Mary said, it’s not often ballroom dancers get to tell a story though dancing like this, and I found a real emotional connection with this piece. The intimacy in their connection was amazing and they are both absolutely stunning dancers! The song choice also brought though a lot, emotionally and creatively, in this routine. I loved that they decided to use a classical piece for the dance. It really allowed them to bring out a lot of musicality. And those samba rolls thrown in there were perfect. This choreography was amazing!

Robert Green - I love Robert and his plastic track suit! What I love most about this performance is that it’s dynamic. He showed such a range of emotions and natural comedy with his routine, and even some unexpected flexibility and grace. Everything in this audition was purposeful and exact. He’s definitely a performer. (I have a feeling Fik-shun will love him)

Alexis Gilbert - This was a solid audition routine. It had that natural, I’m not trying to be sexy but I just kind of am, appeal to it like Lauren had season 7. She had very nice technique and a great strength and power to her dancing. She’s no doubt the kind of contestant that gets sent straight through to the next round. I can’t wait to see more of her because I love this type of intricate, funky, and strong jazz.

Darius Hickman - This kid has quite the story! Even if he doesn’t make it all the way I’m really interested in following this young man’s dance journey. I feel like he’s a contestant that has the potential to grow emotionally and physically oh the show. He has a lot of energy, power and musicality behind his dancing and working with all of these high profile choreographers would really refine his technique.

Anastasiia and Viktoriia - I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really get this one. I know dance is all about freedom of expression, but I tend to like my routines with more of a technical foundation. From what I saw in this audition I think they’re really expressive and that’s great, but going straight to the academy seemed a little strange. I definitely would have liked to see that base that they have in the choreography round but *shrug*. (now that I mention it, they didn’t even show the choreography round….) I’ve also heard these two were on sytycd Russia (season 1? I think) so maybe they just got threw on that merit/ Nigel might know some of what they can do. Either way these girls get an a+ for creativity and production.