mine: syfy alice

FUN FACT: I did the math (or tried to anyway) and assuming for a second that Time stays relatively constant in Wonderland (in relation to human time), and gleaning from the events of the film that roughly 4-5 days in Wonderland fit into an hour of human time, I’ve estimated that a single human year amounts to something like 100 years in Wonderland (give or take).

Which means that when a day passes for humanity, people in Wonderland live a whole three months, and at least two Wonderland years might pass in the span of a single human week. 

So taking that into consideration and keeping in mind that at least a day passes after Alice goes home (probably more than that), think about how that last scene plays out.

Think about how a day for Alice is like three months for Hatter.

Then think about

“F i n a l l y.”


I missed you.