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I am not in the mood…… by Ruth
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…….to discuss where my horns have gone, or what this breeze is doing to my hair !!! One of a family of highland cattle resting by the side of the road, mother and baby are off to my right, and there are a couple of others behind this chap. He seemed quite comfortable with me approaching him to take the picture, although I didn’t notice his expression of distaste until later when I got the photo from the camera to the iPad. Thank you for your visit and your comments, they are greatly appreciated.


cape wrath ▴ sutherland, highlands, scotland

cape wrath is the most north-westerly point in mainland britain. it is 107 sq miles of moorland wilderness known as the parph. its cliffs are over 900ft above sea level, the highest, clò mòr, being the highest sea cliff on the british mainland at over 4mi amsl. its exposed northerly position can give rise to some exceptionally low winter sunshine levels: in january 1983, it recorded just 38 minutes of sunshine, a record low for scotland. the cape wrath lighthouse was established in 1828. much of the cape is owned by the ministry of defence and is used as a military training area.