mine: superman



I finally took the time to draw the illustration for the only Superman AU I wanna see – one that focuses on Clark’s relationship with the super kids. (If it was a show I would watch it till the cows came home. @_@) 

And cozins, let me tell you it!

So, to Lois’s unending amusement, Clark decides to organize his family. He moves Kara and Kon into the Watchtower and forms the Earth Super Defense Force. (Subdivision of JLU. He came up with that name all by himself.) It’s 80% for protecting the planet, 20% for the purposes of family bonding. Okay, maybe 50/50. In reality more like 10/90. XD

Kara is still figuring out where she fits in on Earth, and she really doesn’t need Superman’s help with that. She’s going along with this Defense Force business for now, but is not really sure if she wants to follow in her cousin’s footsteps quite so literally. Testing boundaries and asserting herself is a rocky road, and she often butts heads with Clark without even meaning to.

Kon is the baby of the family (don’t remind him) and is in the middle of trying his best to grow up. He tries to act serious and adult-like, with very mixed result, and Kara teases him mercilessly about it. Her cousin was all grown by the time she got to Earth, but the first nephew is a fair game! She’s got all the dirt from his early Teen Titan days from Tim, and uses it to maximum advantage. She miiiight also be a tad over protective? (She couldn’t be there for her cousin, but she sure as hell is gonna look out for her little nephew.) Need I mention the joint custody offer from the legal offices of Luthor Corp? Yeah right, as if Kon would ever even consider that. …Would he?

Clark is equal parts delighted and frustrated with the super kids’ antics. When not saving the day, he oscillates between moments of “Awww” and “Don’t make me turn this planet around!” And he tries really hard to be a good parent, sometimes forgetting that only one of them is actually his child. ^___^

Bonus points for Clark comparing parenting notes with Bruce, who runs his army of children operatives Batman Special Ops with speed and efficiency. (Or so he thinks. Oracle will tell you a different story. XD)

Aaaaaah, the super family show of my dreams! ^_____^