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So I’ve seen some comments and inbox things about some of you wanting to write stories but you’re afraid (because you think people won’t like it? Getting criticized maybe? I dunno) but just do it! Do it for YOU. I felt the same way when I started and I didn’t really have a history or experience writing fiction (I was science major- the longest things I wrote were labs and research papers).

I started writing for me, and I thought if others liked it- that makes me even more happy. I’ve grown as a writer, wrote some good stuff, and things I’m not proud of, made mistakes (I’m probably known as the queen of NOT editing, lol).

Please please please, if you have a story - share it with us! You just never know who it might touch 😗😊

I thought i would uncensor ch.4 of sfent this time so… please say hello to my first dick child. He’s not perfect but for me he is so shhhhhh u don’t get to choose your children okay (i mean c’mon doing this without a graphic tablet is challenging)

His name is BenneDICK Jr. (in honor of my friend whose name is Bennedick)