mine: stef and lena

Stef and Lena

At some points I don’t feel like they are acting. I mean I know that’s what all actors and actress are going for but when I look at interviews of them and Teri can barely keep her hands to herself its very easy to assume that maybe they have a thing off set and believe me I am not saying it like its a bad thing I PRAY that they become a couple SOON! I can also see them having an affair behind Sherri’s husband back…

They are perfect for each other.. Teri is loud and hyper and Sherri is quiet and shy, Teri is obviously the more intimate touchy one while once again Sherri is shy, Teri prefer black while Sherri prefer white… ying and yang like they said. PERFECT.  

Stef Foster & Lena Adams

TV Show: The Fosters

I love them because: A tough cop and a strong principal come together in this show to provide a modern perspective into the life of Lesbian parents who foster and adopt children in need. This TV show does such a great job at presenting these parents and this family as nothing less than normal. Such a powerful and important image to bring into the mainstream at this incredibly pivotal point in the acceptance and reform of homosexual freedom. Love this show!