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Dark side of the signs

Controlling, demanding, bossy and only look for people when you want something

Stuck on an idea, which don’t change for nothing, and worst, try to convice everyone that’s the right thing for everybody 

Evasive, suspicious, liar, and conspire against everyone because think that people want to fool you

Gossiper and critical, like to highlight people’s flaws and love to blackmail

Want to do everything by your own and hardly accepts help ‘cause you’re too proud to show you don’t know how to do something

Criticize everyone and everybody ‘cause you can’t stop seeing flaws and cold hearted toward others because you don’t want to be hurt

Always try to convince yourself everything is okay even when you’re broken inside, can easily use your intelligence to manipulate

Can be extremely fanatic in your opinions about people and life, vengeful, cold hearted and calculating, deny your own demons and tries to project it in others

Love to promise lots of things to people and yourself, but hardly fulfill it. Hate when people do this to you, irresponsible, can be very agressive

Ambitious, feel the need to control people’s steps, no matter how close you are from someone, don’t allow yourself to have fun ‘cause is afraid of losing control

Extremely hypocritical, really like to be different. Deny your own feelings, but get hurt when someone don’t agree with you. Is really selfish, don’t care about what people think, you only cafre about your own ideals

Victimize yourself really often, run from reality and really depend on your realtionships. Feel like you’re misunderstood and don’t fit in the world

“Hai người ở bên nhau, việc nên làm nhất chính là bầu bạn. Em làm việc của em, anh làm việc của anh, buổi tối vài ba tiếng đồng hồ ai làm việc người nấy. Thế nhưng bạn biết rằng trong không gian này, có một người đang ngồi ở nơi đó, trong lòng sẽ cảm thấy rất đỗi bình yên. Tâm tình thanh thản, không lo nghĩ tương lai mà cũng chẳng hoài niệm quá khứ. Càng đơn giản chỉ là ở bên nhau, tình cảm sẽ càng dài lâu. 

Tình yêu không phải là những lời thề non hẹn biển, chỉ đơn giản là cùng nhau bình yên qua ngày…”