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Videogame Meme / Seven Male Characters [1/7]  - Matt Miller

You’ve seen Fun Shaundi, New Shaundi, and even Future Robot Shaundi… but today we showcase the Shaundi that never was: Business Shaundi.

This was early concept art for the Shaundi redesign in Saints Row the Third. We ended up going in a different direction, but the pixie cut and business suit look still has some appeal.

(and yeah, we know her name is misspelled in the art. Everyone makes mistakes!)


I was randomly looking through my screenies for interesting stuff and I suddenly realized that I had never paid much attention to the background of the comic store. Turns out that despite the very blurry textures I could still make out some text. Not sure if anyone’s done this before, so apologies if all of this is old hat by now.

Comic titles:

“Zang (or Xang?) the Bastard Child”

“The Black Magician”

“Tales of the Cyprian Order” (a Nyte Blayde spinoff series?)

“Love and Syphilis"  (lol wut. Love the red cross)

"Odekar” (likely named after the developers like Asha would be later)

“Robot Monster Hunter [illegible]” (last world looks like SXXPGS, which makes no sense)

And of course Nyte Blayde, Gangstas in Space and the Birksniff advertisement, which we all already know.

On the counter is a card payment sign:

“we accept: Vasa, Koske, American Plastic” “Food stamps redeemed here”

And a jar with “Donate to help the homeless”

The cigarette shelf has signs “hungry? grab a smoke!”

There are a few remaining references to Bridgeport, which was Steelport’s original name before changing during development.

And in the upper right corner is a blackboard about “today’s special” “Grilled cheese, ham & cheese, Turkey & [cut off], peanut butter”

Some environment artist must have had fun working on this, too bad it’s all so blurry now.