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There is an SPR (Service Plan Review) meeting for Ray’s case tomorrow afternoon. I’ve been invited. I was never invited to such things during James’ case, so I have no idea what to expect.

Well, I do know one thing to expect: Apparently the county is going to broach the topic of Ray’s parents surrendering their rights during the meeting. I’m alternately dreading being there when that happens and wanting to definitely be there to see and hear the reactions. I will be there, but I’m bracing myself for lots of emotions, especially from Ray’s mom, who I think believes he will be home any day now (apparently they have a room in their apartment all set up for him).

I plan to keep completely silent and neutral-faced unless spoken to directly. I can easily answer questions about Ray’s health, development and well-being.

The only question I’ve felt the need to prepare for is the big one: “Would you be willing to adopt Ray?” The answer I’ve prepared is: “If that’s the way the case goes, yes, it would be my honor and privilege to raise him.”

Wish me luck…


So in the new PV Yume is talking about the SPRs then she says “There is still SPRs to awaken, I wonder what amazing idols will get then” while Ako and Rei are shown in the PV!!! 

Edit: or venuscho is right and Bandai hinted at Yume and Rei are getting SPRs… because Ako and Yume are shown at the same time when Yume is talking about the SPR…I feel like I would cry if thats true…

The SPR mafia.

The idea arose from a manga about mafiosos that I read recently.

It would be great to have a ficc on SPR being a mafia (If not there is already one written), to read as, the innocent high school student Mai Taniyama accidentally gets involved with them.

The vacations pass quickly, and I did not do half of the things I wanted to do, one of them was to finish several drawings and put into words several ideas, but I ended up being idle
as usual.


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