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I had this sort of moment of being commercially self conscious, and it took me maybe a month to realize, no, this is just not fucking who I am and I don’t wanna behave that way and I’m not gonna do that. And then I started being like, here, here’s a picture of me in drag, fuck it – which is, by the way, so much more liberating and relaxing. It’s funny, the first few interviews I did as an actor, I was really trying to say the right thing, like trying to figure out what’s the right thing to say in this circumstance, how to present myself, how to promote this project, whatever. And there’s not a more surefire way to give a stifled boring empty vapid meaningless piece of interview. Everything that comes out of your mouth sucks if you’re trying to say the right thing, so I very quickly learned that I needed to not try to say the right thing and just be myself, and I’d be happier and better adjusted. Uhhh….I’ve forgotten the question.


Happy Birthday, Old Man Ackles! | March 1st, 1978
↳To the man who gives us so much of himself with everything he does. The man who isn’t afraid to be a kid at heart. The man who has given us many beautiful characters like Dean Winchester. The multi-talented, reserved, grumpy, bowlegged guy who’s nothing but a big softie on the inside. He’s grown with us and because of us. He’s shared his life with us and given us a lot to smile about be grateful for. Happy birthday to the man of 39 years today! You are loved, Jensen ♥