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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: Monster by Skillet for @loveitsallineed ‘s  1k Followers Celebration Writing Challenge

Summary: The danger of the hunting life has finally come to harm you, an absolute nightmare for Dean. His fault or not, Dean can’t help but feel like a monster.

Word Count: 2395

Warnings: INJURIES, blood, trapped by a demon, angst, fluff towards the end

A/N: Hey everyone! It has been a while, and I’ve stolen every chance to write this! School has me so swamped, but I’m really trying to keep stuff going out. Thank you for understanding and, as always, I LOVE AND NEED FEEDBACK!

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“I feel it deep within/ It’s just beneath the skin/ I must confess that I feel like a monster/ I hate what I’ve become/ The nightmare’s just begun.” -Monster by Skillet

The chains rattled as you futilely attempted to stretch your legs. You moaned slightly, the pounding in your head severe, the ache in your joints becoming agonizing. Even with the demon staring right at you, you couldn’t help but pray for some mercy.

           His black eyes slithered up and down your body as he watched you shake and shiver, a smirk crossing his too-pretty features. Demons weren’t supposed to look like that. They weren’t supposed to go from puppy-dog blue to demon black eyes in an instant. Even working with Sam and Dean couldn’t keep you from being kind to strangers, but it seemed like your luck had run out.

           “Getting a little antsy are you, sweetheart?” the demon laughed, his hands caressing a knife adoringly. “Don’t worry, if your little boy toy isn’t here soon, we’ll start having some real fun.”  

           You shook your head, coughing roughly. “Why’re you doing this? I don’t have any part in your feud.”

           He stood, began pacing around the room, his eyes never leaving yours.

           “Oh, but you do,” he drawled, the slight accent of his meat-suit showing subtly. He walked closer to you, less than a foot between your faces as he knelt down. His black eyes bored into yours as he placed the knife gently against your throat. “Wherever pretty little you are, Dean Winchester is. I’ve taken note. And I’ll practically be royalty when I arrive in Hell with his head on a stick.”

           You gulped away the lump in your throat, making sure to look more sure than you were. “You have no chance against those two and you know it. This is suicide, buddy.”

           He smiled once more, humming to himself as he sat in his seat, grabbing another knife and rubbing them together. The shrieking noise sent shivers down your spine, your entire body cringing.

           “I guess we’ll just have to see then, won’t we darlin’?”

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