mine: spn

Imagine Castiel sending Dean silly cat videos whenever he thinks the hunter needs some cheering up after a rough hunt or a bad night.

And Dean smiles stupidly at every single one of them - partly because they’re kinda entertaining, he’ll admit to that, but mainly because he got them from Cas and it turns Dean’s insides to goo whenever his phone vibrates anew.

Imagine Castiel baking a pie for Dean, all adorable determination to make it absolutely perfect, and Dean feels his heart swell a few sizes since he can’t remember the last time someone made such an effort for him .

And though the pie turns out to be quite awful – the crust is way too dry and Castiel obviously mixed up sugar and salt somewhere along the way – Dean can’t help grinning from ear to ear and saying, “It’s really great, I love it!”, because the angel’s beaming smile is worth everything.