mine: spencer hastings

I think Pretty Little Liars should end with the girls dropping off their kids at Spencer’s barn to have a sleepover. Then in the middle of the night they receive a message from A. History repeats itself...
Spencer's Twin

Spencer’s twin was definitely the one talking to Wren. I’ve created a list of evidence from this scene alone. 

1) To get Ezra’s attention ‘Spencer’ says ‘Ezra?’ and it sounded as if she wasn’t sure it was him, even though he is facing her. 

2) At first, Wren and ‘Spencer’ are arguing and it sounds like she says 'don’t call me that’, this could be in reference to him calling her Spencer/twin etc. Ezra definitely didn’t interrupt a friendly conversation between the pair. 

3) Her outfit is different from the earlier scene with Furey. She doesn’t have the trench coat, the top is slightly different and her signature watch is missing.

4) When Ezra leaves he says ‘Spencer’, and the camera pauses on her face and she sounds disappointed (see image below). This connects with her asking Wren to ‘stop calling her that’. 

There was something fishy with the airport scene in PLL. Spencer didn’t act like usual Spencer and everyone started to focus on the possibility of her having a twin. However, there was something iffy about Wren and Ezra, too. Neither of them looked comfortable when Spencer introduced them to each other. I also don’t buy it that Ezra decided to come back for Aria. I think, he came back because there’s more to the story. We might have been missing the real clue while we are busy theorizing Spencer’s twin. Maybe, we should focus on possible connection between Wren and Ezra.

Please correct me if I'm wrong but

I feel like all of the main characters in PLL have really steamy (or alluded to) ‘intimate’ moments. Spencer, Aria and Hannah have all had quite passion filled scenes with their significant others.
Except when Emily is with someone, it’s always sweet, romantic etc. Her moments with Maya, Paige, Alison etc, are all hugs, kisses and they always seem tentative.
I get that there are young people watching this show, but why do the other girls get to roll around in bed/sofa/apartment floor and all Emily gets is a kiss in the middle of the street. I get that wlw relationships are quite sweet and emotional, but there is also passion, desire and sex.

Again correct me if I’m wrong and it might not seem like a big deal but it’s just something I’ve noticed.


So I’ve been rewatching some episodes from season 5 and as we all know Troian wore a wig for purposes of not wanting to ruin her hair with all the heat that had to be used in styling etc. This may be a push but the designers didn’t even attempt to hide the fact that she was wearing a wig and it was pretty obvious to the audience. Could this Season 5 Spencer be her twin ? Whom is blonde underneath ? Idk just an idea but I thought it was strange that she didn’t continue to wear a wig for the rest of the series …. thoughts ?

Pll 7x15 quick thoughts

Emison- this whole let’s get together because we’re having a baby is messy whether you’re straight or gay. This isn’t romantic it’s a cringe worthy storyline. Drama, bringing couples together since the dawn of time

Dark Aria- where have you been all these seasons? I wish they had peppered the seasons with this shady stuff !

Spencer- Spencer Hastings fucked up bad at that bar. I had forgotten about her signature on that credit card of Rollins and I forgot about her sarcastic confession to marco about burying a body the night she met him

I agree with a lot of you that the Spencer we saw with Wren seemed off. That was a teaser of a Wren scene. I want to buy into the Spencer has a twin theory I really do because double the Troian on-screen would be amazing. The direction in this episode speaks volumes about what she has learned in her years as an actress.

it just seems too easy. A secret twin.

I just think this story has shifted its focus from the original pilot a lot and I think it’s a misdirect with the Spencer stuff. I still hope Alison is A. Before people start saying of Ali has been great and real and emotional..I think it’s entirely possible and more likely that it’s been Alison all along who has the twin. We are seeing a different Alison than the one we were introduced to in flashbacks. Maybe it will turn out to be Bethany. For a full circle story Alison arc has to be more than this. A psycho implants her with Emily’s fertilized eggs and I are no glimpses of old strong Alison. She’s a completely different person.

The Spencer reveal seems too early. It feels like a red herring but who knows. I’ve seen theories that are convincing for a Spencer Twin. Face time A sounds like Paige. The voice , the manner of speaking, tone, everything. Paige is a helper like Sidney. Lucas will be another helper.

Caleb and Toby are bros again? Mona is a genius. Why have they not involved her more? Does Hanna trust her? Should we ? This is why janel parish is a great actress

Ezra…ugh. Ian Harding knows how to play a narcissistic loathsome creep really well. Aria..marriage should be the last thing on your Ezria agenda

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed by does anyone else find it really strange how Aria, Emily, Hanna, Caleb, and Toby have been treating Spencer? Like her feelings and thoughts don’t matter? Like since 6b they’ve literally been shitting on Spencer since she got back to Rosewood.
Like Toby telling Spencer he was building the house for her even though he’s engaged to another woman and it’s obvious that he’s still in love with Spencer?!?!!??
Hanna and Caleb kissing and getting back together and basically being like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ even though she was still hurting??
Emily being angry at Spencer for getting drunk after they BURIED A FUCKING BODY IN THE MOTHERFUCKING WOODS AND THEY HAVE TO COVER IT UP!?!?! WHT THE FUCK?!
Emily yelling at Spencer because she didn’t want to intervene with Toby and Yvonne’s relationship because they’re grown adults and shouldn’t be included in the Liars’ mess?!?!?
Like if I feel bad for anyone it’s Spencer….