mine: spencer and jason

how pll characters reacted to finding out who a.d. is
  • aria: who IS this monster? but like really, is it spencer or her evil twin?
  • alison: but *I* was supposed to be the one with an evil twin
  • caleb: ...seems fake but okay
  • emily: whaaaat
  • ezra: i wrote a whole book about alison and her friends but i missed the fact that there were TWO spencers? fffff
  • hanna: why are there two spencers? shit i think i really do need glasses
  • jason: i have ANOTHER SISTER?
  • jenna: lmao i knew who she was before all of you and i only have four senses
  • mona: you would make a great doll for my parisian dollhouse
  • peter: i have ANOTHER KID?
  • spencer: i know i should be more scared but imagine how much shit i could have gotten done with two of me
  • toby: WHAT THE FUCK
  • wren: *shining bright like an eternity stone*

Honestly, if Marlene manages to fix every single plot hole in 7B she is a literal genius, because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix this mess of a show, like, I have built/read theories about pretty much every character on the show being -A, and there are still some details that don’t add up, every time. I just. Ugh. I just need to watch those last episodes and finally let my brain rest in peace. 

pll characters reacting to their fetus selves
  • alison: okay i know being a bitch is sort of your thing and all and that makes you cool but like would you rather be dead (or fake dead) or cool? actually CHILL GIRL
  • aria: maybe don't with the pink streaks? it's not as cute as you think it is girl, either go all out or not at all
  • caleb: lol what a nerd, who even wears beanies anymore, also you're going to fall in love with this one girl so remember NOT TO SLEEP WITH HER BEST FRIEND thx bro
  • charlotte: *can't react because is dead*
  • emily: you're super mega ultra gay, just embrace it girl
  • ezra: just...wait until aria is legal, okay? okay. actually, just forget girls, cake is much less complicated and more cake = less heartbreak
  • hanna: girl you fab don't let anyone else tell you otherwise...but like don't steal those sunglasses, love yoself (and yo mom, the things that woman will do for you o m g)
  • jason: lol we've changed quite a bit haven't we
  • lucas: you will become very very rich. but you still can't get girls. your life is sad
  • mona: don't play dumb. you're a badass. also toffee tango is a great lipstick color on you you should wear it more often queen
  • paige: you're gay and that's okay but plz get a new haircut, anything that makes you look less aggressive
  • spencer: you need to take a chill pill no more like a thousand chill pills well actually no don't do that we have a problem with pills
  • toby: what a smol bean, stay gold ponyboy. also your life sucks, but it will suck significantly more if you don't date spencer hastings. you're welcome.
  • wren: you handsome devil you, you don't know how much you're going to fuck up, good luck mate

jessiedangerous  asked:

Could do a head canon for the men of Criminal Minds about what item of theirs you would "steal" as in keep because you're their girlfriend? I love your CM stuff so much! Your blog is so awesome! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’ll try my best!! I’m so happy to hear you like the CM stuff! Thank you, darling! <3 xx

Aaron Hotchner:

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Aaron would keep anything you would give him. He’s a bit of a hoarder, for sure, but I think if he actually ‘stole’ any of your stuff, it would probably be your pens. It would be unintentional, but you’d eventually notice you were missing a lot of pens, until finally you discovered all of them were sitting in the multiple cups of pens that littered his desk in the BAU, and he wouldn’t even realize that he’d been taking them until you brought it up.

Spencer Reid:

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Spencer would ‘steal’ a scarf from you. In all honestly, it may as well have been his, considering that it was definitely something he’d choose to wear if it were hanging in a store. He wound up picking it up when he’d spent the night at your place, and forgot that he hadn’t brought his own scarf with him the night before. Honest mistake, really, but it just looked so cute on him that you decided he could keep it.

Derek Morgan:

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You’d wind up stealing his stuff more than he’d steal yours, I think, but Derek would probably steal your canteen one morning, and it would be all colorful and obviously not his and he wouldn’t even notice he was drinking coffee out of the wrong canteen until he got to work and Penelope pointed it out. He’d find it so funny that when he got home and told you about it, you’d think it was adorable, too, and he’d wind up taking it as his daily coffee-holder because it reminded him of you.

David Rossi:

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Rossi would keep a picture of you in his wallet, I think. It would be one that you’d given him and that made you look super hot, of course. He’d carry it around with him because whenever a day got rough, he could pull it out and think of you, even if he couldn’t call you because it was too late and you were probably asleep by now or because he didn’t get service in the boondocks where the latest case had brought the BAU out to.

Will LaMontagne Jr.:

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I think Will would keep one of your necklaces. One that was probably just a chain, or a rope with your initial on it. Somehow, he could make it work as it fell under his shirt’s collar, closer to his heart than you could be sometimes. He’s definitely a sap, so I think it would mean a lot to him to just feel that against his skin, and be able to think of you.

Jason Gideon:

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Gideon would ‘steal’ one of your books, probably. Whichever one you kept trying to get him to read but he honestly hadn’t gotten the time to even look at yet. He would hold onto it for months, all the while promising he’d get to it eventually, letting it trail from state-to-state as he chased down serial killers for the BAU rather than read it. Maybe, he never would read it, because whenever he packed it into his suitcase or overnight bag, it was almost like taking that little reminder of you with him.

pll characters as terrible nyc street food
  • aria: watery banana strawberry smoothie with suspect black specks
  • hanna: mushy pizza lying on the floor of the times square subway station
  • emily: melty ice cream, making the entire cone a gross, soggy mess, rainbow sprinkles running all over the place
  • spencer: crushed cup of unidentifiable brown liquid (maybe coffee, who knows)
  • alison: burnt roasted honey nuts
  • mona: hard-ass bagel with vegetable (?) cream cheese, i really hope those are poppy seeds
  • ezra: crushed falafel, too greasy, too crumbly, too much oil not enough chickpea
  • toby: leathery potato knish, had so much potential
  • caleb: questionable beef (? possibly rubber, probably not kosher) hotdog
  • jason: soggy pretzel, entirely too much salt