mine: spartacus

What I love about this scene, is that while Nasir says these words, that if Agron calls him little man again, that the Gods would turn from him, and though he says it with teasing, smiles, and the two of them laugh about it … you can tell that Nasir genuinely doesn’t like being called little man. After this moment, we never hear Agron call him little man again. Even though Agron said it in teasing, he knew Nasir did not like it so stopped referring to him as such, respecting Nasir’s wishes. 

My Nagron Commentary (2 / ?)

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the soft gaze in Agron’s eyes? Everyone sees him as the hot tempered, volatile, sarcastic rebel with a sense of humor. But in this moment, we see a vulnerability. We have seen it before in glimpses with him, but this time, its of a completely different nature. The soft longing in his eyes in the seconds after they kissed, the hint of a smile, is all so beautiful. The way he looks at Nasir, is as if he is drowning out the rest of the world. As is everyone and everything else ceases to exist and in this stolen moment from the war they fight, it is only Agron and Nasir. Agron only sees Nasir. Feels him. And when his gaze drops to the sound of Spartacus’, you can see Agron slowly slip back into reality. Knowing that he may die in the risky mission, but for those few seconds, those stolen moments, Nasir was the center of his world.

My Nagron Commentary (3 / ?)