mine: soul eater

//Can we just fucking TALK About Asura for a second here, and how fucking cool he is? First off, a Death God, that’s scared to die. Holy shit. That’s a hell of a twist. Love you already. 

Second, he’s got such a great appearance. Tall, skinny guy that wears a thousand layers and rocks skin scarves? What a kickass design! And the fact that he flips between bishonen and straight up body horror is even better. Keeps ya guessing. 

And the storyline. Betraying everything he was created to be, in an attempt to find some way to escape the constant piss-yourself terror he is forced to feel? Why don’t we talk about how fricking tragic that is? 

Basically, if you don’t think Asura is the absolute shit, you weren’t paying attention. Can we get a round of applause for the most unappreciated Big Bad ever?