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You know what I appreciate about the Supernatural pilot? After Jess dies there are dozens of police officers, firefighters, and onlookers swarming the scene, and yet Sam’s in the back evaluating which assault rifle feels best in his hands.

Like “Agent Green, aren’t you supposed to be interviewing the eye witness?”

“Yeah but he’s elbow-deep in all kinds of terrorist equipment I’m 80% certain I saw grenades I ain’t touching that.”

The fact that these boys only get arrested like four times is stunning.


“Dizem que os melhores não duram
Morrem cedo
Nasci pra ser o melhor
Por isso eu tenho medo

Mas eu vi a cigana
E ela fez um bruxedo
Ela leu-me a mão
E contou-me um segredo

Ela leu-me nos dedos
Um passado azedo
Reparei que ela assustou-se
Quando disse "credo”

Mas eu vi a esperança
Num sorriso raro
Ela disse que o passado
Serviu de preparo



To the girl who always ask me “Do I look good” every time. You always look good, that’s why you should stop asking me that question. You know, even if you let hair loose like that or when you’re in your over-sized sweaters, you still look good. Even if you look “very out of bed” or when you’re wearing sneakers, you look absolutely perfect. So don’t give me that face, just smile and forget about the. Okay? 

To the girl who’s favorite song this year is Classic by MKTO. I don’t care if you force me to listen  to that song 24/7 and make me sing it in front of our friends. I don’t care if you insist on putting that song on my iPod and yell at me when I say that it’s not that good. I learned to love Classic because of you. Now I realized that it suits you well. You’re classic. It’s a compliment. 

To the girl who always punch my shoulders, and expect it to hurt. Seriously, it tickles. I consider it as a sweet gesture. It’s just a little thing but it’s one of the sweetest thing in the world. I don’t care if you view my shoulders as a punching bag, because that doesn’t hurt a bit. You know what hurts? If it’s my heart that you're punching not my shoulders. Ha ha ha. 

To the girl who gave me a lot of laugh lines. I could watch funny movies and laugh out so loud, but I can also watch you imitate your favorite rapper and laugh out so loud ten folds thew way I laugh while watching funny movies. I’m not making fun of you when I said that but I swear, you’re too funny. You can make those comedians on TV jobless. 

To the girl who doesn’t want her lips to be kissed. That was unfair, don’t you think. I mean, I can kiss your forehead, your cheeks and your hands, but why am I not allowed to kiss you on your lips? Can you change your mind about it? I don’t wanna ask for more, just a kiss on the lips. Ha ha ha. 

To the girl who loves boy bands the same way she loves me. I already accept the fact that I’m not the only one who’s there in your heart. You love those boy bands I know, and I’m not jealous. Ha ha. Well maybe a bit.  

To the girl whose name sounds good with my surname. If you read it, it really sounds good. But before you can use my surname, you have to marry me first. So all you have to do is say yes when I ask you “Will you marry me?” Wait for that.

To the girl who asked me “Was I so bad” the first time we made love. You don’t have to be ashamed the way you responded to me. It was awesome. And the thought makes me tremble with desire. I wanna feel you again and explore you. I wanna hear your soft, panting cries so very very badly. 

To you, the letter before this one is a joke. Ha ha ha. :P 

Family Hunters AU

In Supernatural it seems Dean and Sam can live one of two lives: boring safe civilian lives, or dangerous crapsack hunter lives. What I really want is an AU where Mary doesn’t die, but one where she also doesn’t leave the life either.

I want an AU where Mary had to introduce John to the life and he’s still the dorky son-in-law trying desperately to impress Diana and Samuel. I want an AU where Mary’s alive and kicking demon ass. I want an AU where Dean does part-time mechanic work and Sam takes online/night classes to still earn his degree because, with the Campbells around, they’re allowed some breather time between hunts.

I want an AU where Sam and Dean sometimes have to babysit their nieces and nephews whenever the Campbells go out on a hunt. I want an AU where everyone complains about the teams they get put on for each hunt, or about the partners, or about “always being stuck on the hunts that are like 1,000 miles away.”

I want an AU where the Winchesters pass the time during car rides by making up stupid backstories for each other’s fake personas, because that’s what Mary and John did when they first started taking their boys along on hunts to ease the tension.

I want an AU where John and Mary agreed to keep the truth from Sam and Dean until they each turned 15 and could make their own decisions, but Sam at 11 beat the information out of 15 year old Dean and demanded to be brought along too. I want an AU where nervous dad John, who unlike Mary didn’t grow up in the life, stressed every second to Dean that he had to keep his little brother safe on these trips.

I want an AU where the Campbells and Winchesters open a few six-packs of beers whenever a party comes home from a hunt so they can hear stories and share what happened while the hunting party was gone. I want an AU where the family are so well-tuned to each other that they can protect each other on every hunt, where the old grouch Bobby Singer is invited over frequently to listen to stories or help with the kids.

Forget the either/or mentality of happy civilian or miserable hunter. I want a huge, happy extended functional family of people who beat the crap out of monsters for a living.