mine: sight unseen

Sight Unseen

Pairings: Evelyn B Trevelyan x Cullen Rutherford

I got a bitchin’ prompt, it begged to be written

@gahocleric said: so I saw this prompt sent to drinkyourjuicerodriguez and all I could think of was how B would react. Not my own inquisitor…B. You have ruined me. “Write your Inquisitor’s reaction to the tarot card for their race and gender as if it was a commissioned portrait painted by someone who’d never seen them before." 

Part 1/3

She batted his hand away, like an older sister shooing him from the spice cookies before they’ve cooled. He released the sheet, clutching his hand dramatically as though she actually wounded him. Evelyn smiled, shaking her head at her Commander, that infuriating man that twisted her heart up thicker than her hair.

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Sight Unseen

After all her hard work, she had finally made it. She was starting college at one of the most prestigious art schools. This was going to be amazing. Now, all she needed was to get all the supplies. One teacher had a very specific item: a model.

This teacher wanted the students to help recruit male models for the class. They hoped the students would know people who would want to make some extra money. Wendy hadn’t met anyone yet, so she decided to post and ad by the student center. Hopefully someone would respond.