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1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic? 

The Star- hope, faith, rejuvenation

2. What are your strengths as a deck?

The Magician- willpower, desire, creation, manifestation

3. What are your limits as a deck?

VIII of Wands- rapid action, movement, quick decisions 

4. What are you here to teach me?

Knight of Wands- action, adventure, fearlessness 

5. How can I best learn to collaborate with you?

VII of Pentacles- hard work, perseverance, diligence 

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

The World- fulfilment, harmony, completion  

7. What is the one thing you would ask of me?

Ace of Wands- creation, willpower, inspiration, desire

A quick interview spread for my newest deck. I used the the deck’s companion app (Labyrinthos) for my initial interpretation. I’m going to contemplate this further, but I think this was a very positive and straightforward start!   

she’s a tiger hologram
i see her there like a tiger hologram
i spy on her like a tiger hologram
girls scratch me up like a tiger hologram

Let Me Love You

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Let Me Love You by evansrogerskitten

Dean x Reader 

Reader is getting over a bad breakup and ready for a rebound hook up. Thankfully she meets a gorgeous green-eyed stranger who is down for a night of bliss.

Warnings: This is pure Smut. NSFW, Explicit, hook up sex, fingering, oral, anal play, language, alcohol. So basically my usual. | WC: 3183 | On AO3

A/N: This is for @luci-in-trenchcoats‘s 2K Follower Challenge, and an addition to my album challenge for @mrs-squirrel-chester‘s Album Fanfic Challenge. 

I met Sam when he came to the university library one afternoon. He was sweet, funny, and a little nerdy. It seemed like I never met nice guys anymore. And after my disaster of a relationship and subsequent nasty breakup, it was nice to be interested in someone again.

“So you’ve been in Amherst for a few days?” I asked, shuffling through discarded books on the table.

Sam studied the maps in front of us for a moment, before he focused on my question. “Yeah, my brother and I are working here on a job.”

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“Kelly, the most beautifulest girl in the world!
You are my survivor, and I admire you. You have no idea how special you are, humble, talented and blessed you are. Sometimes I wish I could be more like you. Sometimes they don’t wanna give your credit to you. Wouldn’t be a ‘Destiny’s Child’ if it wasn’t for you. DC3 forever! I’m thanking you.” -Beyoncé


Marvel Shuffle | “Stop saying you’re an Avenger, Wilson. And stop talking about pancakes.” (inspired by Hawkeye vs Deadpool 2014 and Wade insisting that he and Clint hang out)

Control her -Justin Bieber imagine(mature)

Justin and Y/N experiments with handcuffs.

I click the handcuffs around her dainty wrists to the white metal bedframe. I couldn’t wait to please her, to take control but after all this was Y/N idea.

“Are you sure Y/N, I don’t want to force you into anything.” I say seriously. I didn’t want to pressure her into something out of her comfort zone. I wrap my arms around her her neck, pulling her close to me. The presence of her smaller body against mine was so pleasing and satisfying, making me want to clutch her so tightly and never let her go. “I want to please you though” she says softly. I continue to hug her tighter, “You do please me.” She did. She pleases more than anything else, anyone else. She didn’t know how much I needed her.

A sudden soft touch against my bare chest breaks me off my day dream. I do remember Y/N reply to the topic. She accidently found out my pleasure for a submissive lover. Why didn’t I clear my history off my Macbook.

“Justin, what are you waiting for?”

A melodiously giggle rings into my ears. I glance down to see a smile spawn over her face. She pouts her lips into a cute experrison. I lean down to kiss her lips.

Was she this impatience?

“Getting impatient are we now? I say to tease her, smiling cheekily at her.

I softly grip the sides of her waist, caressing her skin as softly as possible not wanting to freak her out or anything. I pull my head back to examine her body sprawled all out in front of me. I instantly lick my lips at the sight. The wildness of her hair, covering the white pillow beneath her, framing her gorgeous face. Not to mention her tender nubs all out for me, that I wanted to bite so bad. I bite down harshly on my bottom lip, trying to steady myself and not to break the self control I have. I lean down, pecking her stomach ever so slightly.

I move down eyeing her heat. I glance up to find her watching my movements with wide eyes. I leave one of my hands off her waist and brush my thumb between her legs. She muffles a whine above me. I pull my face away evilly, continuing to slowly rub her through her thin panties. I could already feel her wetness through the fabric, no doubt in my mind she’ll fall apart soon. I did love the control I had over her.

“Baby?” I whisper, prying her eyes to open.

She has her eyes shut tightly, clutching onto her bottom lip between her teeth. She was a sight to see, a sight that’ll only be mine. The way her body will squirm and shuffle under mine made me lose my mind. I did feel bad for torturing her but at the same time it made me feel superior. I wanted to see her shake in pleasure beneath me, to hear my name from her sweet lips over and over again. Y/N suddenly breathes out my name, turning my full attention back to her.

“Please give me something mor-e.” She harshly yanks against the handcuffs.

I grin as I hear the dangling sound of the metal hitting against each other. I pull my thumb away from her heat, grinning evilly. She whimpers in disappointment.

“Tell me, Y/N.” I say, staring at her face as I continue, “tell me what you want me to do.”

She narrows her eyes at me, disappointment evident in her eyes. I hover my body above hers, placing both my arms beside her head. She focuses her eyes at me, flicking her orbs over my face. I roughly plunge two digits in her heat. The tightness of her walls rubbing against my fingers made me leave a low groan from my throat. God she was so tight and wet. She opens her mouth, a barely audible gasp leaves her sweet lips, the high pitched whine was like music to my ears. The noise sending a tingling shiver straight to my shaft. She thrust her hips up to my working fingers. I chuckle at her cute attempt to get more friction.

“Patience baby,” I whisper lowly as I speed up my movements a tad, her walls so incredibly amazing against my fingers, making me think about giving up and going straight to fucking her until she cries out for me to stop. I let out a groan even at the thought of it.

I glance down to her heat. My fingers moving into her heat a fast pace, her panties fully soaked, creating a patch.

How was she so wet?

I retract my fingers from her heat, a string of juices along with it. My fingers were fully glistening with her juices. I bring my fingers to my lips, sucking slowly, making sure to tease Y/N. The facials of her aftermath was so sexy. She looked so vulnerable and fucked, just the way I liked it. She bites her lip, making me wildly growl at the sight of her. I quickly pull my fingers out and practically rip her panties off. The waiting needed to be over. I tug down my sweatpants and boxers in one swift go, not wanting to wait any longer. My mind could only focus one thing and that pleasing Y/N. My shaft feels so amazing to finally free from what felt like torture. I aline my shaft with her awaiting heat. I slowly push in, thrusting carefully, making sure to not hurt Y/N. I suck in a breath at the feeling of her walls around my member. She gasps above me.

“Are you ok babe?” I breathe out.

“Yea-h, just move a bit.”

I happily oblige to her request and begin to thrust my hips in a steady pace, the feeling making me lose control instantly. I speed up my thrusts. I look down to her face. Her eyes were shut tightly, her mouth slightly parted with little pants leaving her lips. I glance down to where our bodies are joined, memorised by the erotic sight. I slam into her harder, wanting to bring us to our orgasms faster. I start to feel sweat build up on my forehead. I could feel my orgasm coming a little too fast with the way she was rubbing my shaft to amazingly. I bring my eyes to her chest. I could see the way her chest was moving, beating fast like a drum. I take a nipple between my teeth and bite on it teasingly. I knew how much she liked it when I did. My name sweetly leaves her lips.

“I can’t hold on any long-er,” she breathes out along with many heavy pants.

I tuck my head in her neck. I grunt lowly as I feel her walls clench around my shaft, indicating she was already there. She leaves a high pitched whine as she squirms against my body below me. The warmth of her unsteady breathing blowing into my left ear. I push a final thrust before I feel myself let go. I leave a string of curse words as I spill my seed inside of her. I pull out, slapping my body against hers like a dead piece of meat.

“Justin, move away from me,” She laughs breathlessly as she tries to push me off her body.

“You’re sweaty, stop it,” she continues to whine like a baby.

I laugh breathlessly at her immature pleads for me to get off her. I forcefully push my tired sweaty body off hers. That was amazing. She was amazing. Y/N was someone I only met a month ago. Even though of the age gap between us, our relationship was perfectly stable.

“Untie me please?” I glance up to see Y/N wriggling her wrist against the restraints. I chuckle at her, almost forgetting about the handcuffs.

“You are amazing Y/N,” I say as I lightly peck her lips.