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Body language vs Pheromones

More humans are weird: we are super into body language as a species. Like, we’re so into body language that we created cute pictograms to insert into our otherwise non-pictographic language specifically to add facial expressions to text communication. Which in and of its self is super cool. Most species have some form of this, like mating dances etc, but most of them also have pheromones to go with it. We do to, but we aren’t very good at sensing them or at least picking up that we’re sensing them. We rely on visual cues as our primary form of none-oral communication. So what if aliens are more pheromonal? Their body language is secondary to their chemical communication, so for instance they have a harder time flirting with someone across the room because they can’t smell/taste them. An alien and a human watch one of their friends at the bar interacting and the human say “we aren’t getting our drinks for a while, looks like Claire found herself a catch” and the alien is confused because how can you tell if she’s interested from across the room. You can see it on her face of course. Or! We describe some pheromonal cues visually, like when we describe pregnant women as glowing.
Human ‘Preeya looks amazing right now’
Alien ‘She seems rather tired right now actually’
Human 'Well, yeah, carrying a baby is hard, but she’s got that pregnant glow’
Alien (concerned) 'Do humans produce bioluminescence when they are pregnant? That was not in the books! She does not appear any brighter’
Human 'What no not literally, it’s just.. idk a thing pregnant women have. Like an aura of life’
Alien 'Oh you mean her pheromones. Got it.’
Human 'What? I can’t smell anything.’
Human Mike returns to ship after unsuccessful night at the bars
Mike: Hey guys I’m baaaaaack (slightly drunk singing)
Caro Lyssan: Hah, struck out huh?
Mike: What? Yeah this Caro chick was all over me one sec and then the Cupid Shuffle came on and when I started dancing to it she looked really grossed out and left. How could you tell?
Lyssan: You have rejection stink all over you man. Take a shower it’s making me sad
(The Cupid Shuffle is highly offensive in at least six cultures because shuffles are considered to be highly vulgar, similar to hip thrusting on earth)

the moment in pride and prejudice (2005) dir joe wright when lizzie sees darcy walking towards her in the field and she turns in slow mo and ‘your hands are cold’ by dario marianelli swells is???? dare i say??? the most beautiful and pure moment ever captured on film?????

Shuffle Tag

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Rule: Shuffle your music and list the first 10 songs

1) Hurricane - Halsey
2) Breathe - NF
3) My Eyes - 10cm
4) Anything could happen - Ellie Goulding
5) I Need U (urban remix) - BTS
6) Mine - Got7
7) American Idiot - 5sos cover
8) Hey Angel - One Direction
9) We On - BTS
10) Stigma - Taehyung - BTS

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I’ve discovered Hamilton is just a thing that I cannot put on shuffle. It never ends well. All that ends up happening is “Oh no! I can’t let any other song follow Aaron Burr, Sir except My Shot!”

Then the same goes for Farmer Refuted and You'll Be Back

 A Winter’s Ball and Helpless

Ten Duel Commandments and Meet Me Inside

History Has Its Eyes on You and Yorktown

Take a Break and Say No to This

Schuyler Defeated and Cabinet Battle #2

The entirety of The Adams Administration through Burn.

Blow Us All Away and Stay Alive (Reprise)


Spy on my playlist huh??

My very good fren @haunterrr tagged me to put my playlist on shuffle and list the 10 songs that come up. Well.. I have over 800 songs in my main playlist so I said fuck it and did 20 songs.. here they are.. enjoy;

1) In Ashes~ Zeal &Ardor
2) Eigengrau- The Great Discord
3) The Monolith - In Solitude
4) The Link- Gojira
5) Birth Ritual- Soundgarden *SOB* 

 6) Heimta Thurs- Wardruna

7) Valentine- Sisters of Mercy
8) Scenario- Subvision
9) All your Lies- Soundgarden *SOB* 

10) On Burning Paths- In Solitude
11)The Twilight is my Robe- Opeth
12) La Mantra Mori- Ghost
13) Owlwood- Cult of Luna
14) All Hail the Queen- Avatar
15) The Cross- Priest
16) Say Hello 2 Heaven- Temple of the Dog*SOOOB* 

17) Eternal Kingdom- Cult of Luna
18) Lucid Sanndröm- Tid
19) Själaflykt- Tribulation
20) Stench- Celebration

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I was tagged by @davemurrays to put my music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs, thank you so much!! 💗

1. I’m so bad baby (I don’t care) - Motorhead
2. Still…you turn me on - ELP
3. Suicide - Motorhead
4.Rock n Roll Children - Dio
5. Fire Fire - Motorhead (Again, lol!)
6. I think I’m going bald - Rush
7. You won’t change me - Black Sabbath
8. Don’t make me happy - Deep Purple
9. Strong arm of the law - Saxon
10. Rainbow in the dark - Dio! <3

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