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TDB Rewatch: Throwback Thursday - Showmance

A great little interview by the Glee cast on the Bonnie Hunt show in September 2009. They are all precious!



Я не являюсь поклонницей ни Тома Хиддлстона, ни Тейлор Свифт, да и дело прошлое, но их фейковые отношения под названием «hiddleswift» стали практически символом такого явления, как пиар-пары знаменитостей. Учитывая массированный вброс пиар-материалов, так взбудораживших фасси-фэндом, хочу выложить очень сочные фото и гифки бурного, хотя и кратковременного поддельного романа Тома и Тейлор. Риторический вопрос - что мне все это напоминает?

Может hiddleswift 2.0. образца лета 2017?

I’m not a fan of either Tom Hiddleston or Taylor Swift, and it’s the past, but their fake relationship called “hiddleswift” has become almost a symbol of a phenomenon such as PR celebrity couples. Taking into account the massive stuffing of PR materials, so excited by the fassy-fandom, I want to put very juicy photos and hyphas of the stormy, though short-lived fake novel Tom and Taylor. The rhetorical question is that it reminds me of everything?

 Can hiddleswift 2.0. Sample summer 2017?

You know I was getting a kick out of the “rumor” that Fassbender and Vikander were a showmance, assuming it was just another case of people not wanting it to be real & therefore working hard to convince themselves it’s fake. HOWEVER, after the horrible flop that Tulip Fever (to the surprise of very few) turned out to be and then the NEXT DAY Emma sends a (don’t tell anyone) message to the Sun that MF and AV are getting married in a private ceremony - I’ve become a showmance believer.

Meta Monday: (1x2) Showmance

The first half of season one is when we actually cared about the adults. Wemma was in its infancy and we loved it. We rooted for them. Emma with her doe eyes is simply perfect. Oblivious Will is the best Will. Sue was the perfect villain. Her hatred for the Glee club was palpable through the screen. We felt her disdain. We banded together in our irritation for Terri. We watched her shenanigans in horror (though I felt for her in her one redeeming scene at the end when she tried to fess up to the pregnancy being fake…and why wouldn’t have Schue been at the ultrasound). Ken, oh Ken. Great try with Tulipalooza. But it is never gonna happen! But through all this the kids begin to steal the show and our hearts. One word to end…..KURT. @todaydreambelievers

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Showmance rewatch

I decided to do the rematch with my 8 year old son who has never watched it from the beginning.  These are his comments:

- It was rude for the boys to throw Kurt into the dumpster

- It was funny when Mr Schue was lifting up Finn’s leg during the rap

- “Blaine has not appeared yet.”

- “That was so romantic”, he commented on the stage picnic and kiss.  

Best part: the sex => Push it performance

Who needs a hug => Rachel because she likes Finn and Finn has a girlfriend.  

My own thoughts as I watched:

- The quid pro quo bargain Quinn offers is amazing: “Quit glee club and touch my boob (over the bra)”.  Finn is considering his options.

- Figgins was doing a janitor’s job in Showmance as a foreshadowing for S5.

- I forgot Emma’s story about how her OCD started

- I wonder how long it took the cast to learn the choreography for “Push It”