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There are several reasons why fans of BBC’s Sherlock are utterly mad, incurably creative, and horny as hell. First and foremost, they are hungry. Devotees of American TV dramas get twenty-two episodes a year. Fans of most British drams enjoy six, eight, maybe a dozen. The Sherlock fandom gets three. The Sherlock fandom gets three television episodes every 18-24 months. The Sherlock fandom is deeply, abidingly, and very inventively starving.
—  Anne Jamison, Fic: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World.

Mark Gatiss: “We have to be left uncertain as to, when he says ‘I love you’, does he actually mean it or is he just saying the right thing to save her life. You’ll never quite know.”

Benedict Cumberbatch: “I became out of control over Molly Hooper. Now, does that mean I love Molly Hooper? I don’t think I’ve made that decision yet.”


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They have both grown so much. Sherlock taught Molly to be stronger than ever, and to stand up for herself. Molly taught Sherlock that to be human is to be vulnerable, to experience love, and that does not make you weak. They have now grown strong enough to confess their true feelings. Sherlock’s I love you was real - Molly can see through his bullshit, remember? Their relationship is built on trust and who do they both trust to give themselves completely with? Each other. (x)