mine: shelter

So @coffeeandcommonsense and I were talking about Kent and Amazon commercials and then this came to us. (I’ve tweaked it a little.)

It starts with a cutesy song playing the background while featuring a sunny day on street of houses. The Amazon delivery guy knocks on the front door and Kent opens to sign for the package. When he closes the door, Kit runs up to investigate. Kent pulls something out of the package and leaves the box on the floor for Kit to happily climb in.

Later, that afternoon, there’s a second Amazon delivery. Kent opens the door and accepts the package again. There’s a shot of Kit climbing out of the first box and into the new box. In the background, the audience can see Kent leaving the house.

Kent arrives a shelter with huge bags of clothes and supplies and everything! There’s a huge crowd of people as Kent hands out stuff, but at one point, a little girl who’s standing back from the crowd catches his eye. She wistfully watches another child hug a stuffed animal.

Kent looks thoughtful for a moment and then pulls out his phone and taps the Amazon Prime app with a small smile. A little later, an Amazon box arrives at the shelter.

Kent finds the little girl again, and this time, he crouches down and offers her a teddy bear. The little girl lets go of her mother’s hand to shyly accept the stuffed animal. She beams brightly at Kent who smiles back at her while a swell of emotional music designed to tug at your heart strings plays in the background.

Jack’s Commercial