mine: shame

the sad part of it is that Rick and Morty is a genuinely good show. It’s this interesting and funny look at how toxic it is to others when you think your better than everyone else. It’s a story about how it doesn’t matter if you’re the smartest man in the universe, you’re still going to have a miserable, lonely life if you alienate everyone around you. 

Evidently some of its fanbase refuse to see the nuance and just want to brag about how they’re so smart because they watch a cartoon show.

Predection for the fandom after American/German/French Skam
  • all the parallels being gifed so much
  • salty original fans
  • the French and German fans stepping up and translating stuff
  • Original Skam fans being cocky because they know what is going to happen
  • Being surprised when they rewrite stuff
    • having your favorite storyline rewritten
    • having your least favorite storyline stay the same
  • “Don’t a tag Skam fanfics as Shame,it is confusing >:(”
  • People all having fave versions
  • Arguing over which version is gayer
  • Crossover fics with the different characters doing a year abroad in another country
  • Shipping characters from two different versions together
I hate that I have to do this but it's a sad sign of our times

But I want to make something very clear.




This blog will report and block anyone that tries to have “discourse” in my asks or reblogs debating the above.

This blogger remembers the holocaust and the horrors of nazi propaganda and genocide thanks to the stories told by her grandparents and friends.


listen, i’m okay with there being a show following the same concept and issues as skam as long as it isn’t a complete rip off.

i’m okay with there being a show that is following the issues of insecurities, of sexual assault, of finding out your sexuality, of mental illness and of being of a different religion than the majority. but i don’t want a show where everything is the exact same as in skam, because that will just ruin the beauty of the original show and i can’t see that happening.

i don’t want to see another eva mohn, i don’t want to see another noora sætre, i don’t want to see another isak valtersen or another sana bakkoush. those characters matter too much to me to just be copy pasted like that. characters inspired by them sure, but not a complete rip off, i can’t let that happen.

skam has not only shown how it is to be a teenager in today’s society but it has also shown a bunch of scandinavian culture, things that simply will not work in an american adaptation, no matter how hard they try.

i’m just begging america to not make a complete rip off and instead make something inspired by skam because to do a complete rip off won’t work. it won’t be the same, no matter how hard you try to make it seem like it.


So….yesterday was an adventure. My headache is still present, but manageable. Also, I made a 100% on my organic chemistry pop quiz, so screw you hangover. Anywho, I’ve decided to make a recap of what happened while I was, as the kids say, completely fucking wasted. Enjoy. Also, drink responsibly.

1. I watched Campbell’s soup commercials.

2. I read @vulpes–vulpes fics, and cried a lot. I also tried to read them to my friends, but was blubbering too much, so yeah.

3. I created a side blog. It’s name? …watsonthethong. I don’t want to talk about it.

4. I apparently rewatched Voltron, and everytime Keith or Lance appeared, I screeched “mY SON!!!”

5. Hid my friends phones in cereal boxes.

6. Made too many puns.

7. Shrieked Sang Beyoncé lyrics and tried to sing Gasolina.

8. Opened up a window, stuck my head out, and just continuously shouted “Hoo hoo!!” And when asked what I was doing, I responded that “I was calling an owl or hailing a cab. Whichever came first.”

9. Watched some anime and started shipping people willynilly.

10. Drank so much water that I was afraid that I was going to turn into a fish.

Thank you.