mine: sh

“He’s already made his way into the house for those who cannot sleep. Hear his steps, he’s already close…” (x)

Maia x Izzy wedding 

                                        There is something in your loving 

                                        That tears down my walls. 

                                        I wasn’t ready then, I’m ready now; 

                                        I’m headed straight for you. 

                                        You will only be eternally the one that I belong to

Things that still got me fucked up about the Malec wedding kiss™:

  1. War of hearts
  2. Magnus telling Maryse that this is between him and Alec
  3. The staring competition between Magnus and Alec
  4. The way Alec looks so sure of himself as he starts walking towards Magnus 
  5. “Enough” 
  6. Alec grabbing Magnus by the lapels 
  7. The nose scrunch™ 
  8. Alec stopping the kiss to look at Magnus
  9. Magnus chasing after the kiss
  10. Alec not caring that he’s in front of everyone and going back in for a second kiss
  11. Magnus’ little smile as he sees Alec leaning back in for another kiss