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{Reaction} Big Bang Wanting You Back

Could I get a Big Bang reaction when they break up with you (gf) bc the media blasts you for only being 20 but then they regret it ~ Thank youuu

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G-Dragon: “I didn’t mean to hurt you Jagi, things were tough and I was stuid enough to let it consume me… Will you please give me a second chance?”


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T.O.P: “Being away from you has made me realise how much you mean to me. Please forgive me, I need you by my side, it’s the only time I’m strong.” 


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Taeyang: “I made a mistake… I hope you can reconsider and forgive my stupidity.” 


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Seungri: “I was trying to make things better… I thought it would be easier for you if we broke up. I was wrong, because I hurt you a lot and I can barely function without you. Will you be mine again?” 


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Daesung: “I’m so lost without you. I’m sorry that I made such a stupid mistake. I hope you can forgive me and one day take me back.” 


[052717] Seungri & Gdragon @ Incheon Airport back from Fukuoka

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So I found myself head first in to Bigbang

Like I knew who they were by name but didn’t know anything about them other they’ve been around along time

But omg I spent hours just watching videos on YouTube and now I have completely fallen for them all

I don’t have a bias yet cause I love GD and Seungri I also adore Daesung and Taeyang and Top leaves me speechless