mine: serenity

the Serenity crew would be great in a zombie apocalypse

Mal - great leader, organisation, knows how to handle difficult situations, handy with a gun

Zoe - lethal warrior woman, strong battle tactics, resourceful, loyal

Wash- good knowledge of technology, provides a stability in group dynamics, friendly atmosphere can comfort others

Jayne - good with a gun, loyal when he wants to be, good in survival situations however may cause trouble

Kaylee - exceptional knowledge in mechanics, would be able to help with practical survival, optimistic and encouraging hope in others

Inara- offers emotional support, skilled in archery, ‘streetwise’ if conflict occurs with other teams

Simon- highly skilled doctor, wide general knowledge, logical

Book - spiritual support, keep the morale of the group, trained in battle

River- would probably be able to sense when the zombies are coming, she’s a motherf*cking assassin