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Physically he hardly stands out from the other thirteen sacrifices.  While a tad taller than the rest, there’s barely any muscle on his body.  Far stronger and faster sacrifices have graced their labyrinths, and those have all shared the same fate: death.  What chance should he possess?

Still there’s a startling clever in his eyes.  While he is slow to speak, his eyes are always darting around, as if studying every scrap of inspiration that his eyes caught.  There’s something reliable about that gaze, so when it comes time to walk each of the sacrifices to the labyrinth one by one, Serena makes sure to take her time with him.

The silence between them is overwhelming.  After all she’s walking him to his certain death.  Still if there’s a moment to act, it’s now so eventually she blurts out,

“I can help you.”

More silence, the sacrifice seems to barely react.  For a minute Serena began to wonder if she really spoke out after all, but eventually he replies,

“You can help?”

Relief floods through her veins.  Quickly she nods her head.  “I can help you slay the Minotaur.”  It feels caustic to refer to Yuri so caustically, but she doubted there was any of him left in that monster.  “But will you help me in return?”

“I can’t make a decision until I know just what you’re suggesting.”

Discretely, she pulls out a ball of thread and a sword.  “The first will make sure you don’t get lost, and the second will give you the means to fight.  Once you’ve slayed him, find your friends, follow the string back out, and depart for Athens at midnight.  If you do this then my father will be unable to stop you.”

He trains that analytical gaze to study her now, picking and probing for any cracks in her plans or signs of deceit.

“Very well,”  He diverts his attention back to the items, and Serena remembers how to breathe again.  “How do I help you then?”

“Promise to take me with you.”  Green eyes bear into him, demanding nothing but honesty; however the sacrifice remains as cool and collected as always.

“Then you have my word.”  With that, he steps in the dark maze, his figure lost in the matter of seconds.


Serena Williams is pregnant!

  • The Serena Williams, the queen of tennis, is expecting.
  • In a Snapchat posted on Wednesday, Williams announced to her followers that not only is she pregnant, she’s 20 weeks in.
  • Williams is currently engaged to Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian. She announced the engagement with a poem she shared on Reddit, naturally. Read more (4/19/17 11:30 AM)

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The pervasive hatred of black women that is misogynynoir comes out especially when black women are celebrating or showing pride in their representation of their black womanhood.

It’s even more reprehensible when this misogyny noir is packaged as Mainstream White Feminism. This isn’t the first time Beyonce was attacked for openly discussing her pregnancy, as fake feminists stretch feminist theory to some bizarre interpretation that Beyonce’s pregnancies are oppressing other women.

This is also not the first time jacked feminist theory was used to attack Serena Williams’s body. Female opponents have criticized Serena’s success and claim that it’s unfair because they don’t want their body to look like Serena’s therefore they will never be as strong and successful as her. These comments about Serena’s body resemble ideas about black women and black femininity that are centuries old. That black women can never be seen as “feminine” or beautiful. And any attempt to celebrate ones own black female beauty will be attacked and mocked.

Black motherhood has been under attack since the Victorian era. Black women are only allowed to be seen as the Welfare Queen mother who “eats her young”. Beyonce stands as direct challenge to that, asserting that black mothers are something to value and writers are doing all types of mental gymnastics to diminish her representations of motherhood.

Let’s not forget that Beyonce’s first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage so one has to have some deep, troubling level contempt for black women to find a problem with her celebrating not one but 2 successful and (so far) healthy pregnancies.

Both critiques represent not just misogynoir but the assertion that black women are still not allowed to be in charge of their bodies and are not allowed any ownership to their own definitions of femininity or womanhood.