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My forever growing movie list of everything I love

• The Kings Of Summer
• Blue Valentine
• Big Fish
• Kick-Ass 1&2
• Scott Pilgrim Vs the World
• Youth In Revolt
• Palo Alto
• Adult World
• Two Night Stand
• The First Time
• The Theory Of Everything
• All The Wilderness
• Love, Rosie
• What If
•The royal Tenenbaums
• Moonrise kingdom
• The Darjeeling limited
• The life aquatic with steve zissou
• Rushmore
• Bottle rocket
• Stuck in love
• Submarine
• The squid and the whale
• The kids are all right
• Up in the air
• Toast
• Grand Budapest hotel
• Greenburg
• The Spectacular Now
• Ruby Sparks
• Now is Good
• Little Miss Sunshine
• Inside Llewyn Davis
• The Art Of Getting By
• The Descendants
• It’s kind of a funny story
• (500) Days of summer
• Nowhere Boy
• Grand Budapest Hotel
• Art School Confidential
• Away We Go
• beginners
• Her
• Once
• Drive
• Elysium
• A place beyond the pines
• Let me in / let the right one in
• The aviator
• What’s eating Gilbert grape
• Seeking a friend for the end of the world
• Zombie land
• Adventureland
• Age of Adeline
• Mr.Nobody
• Staten Island Summer
• Yours Mine And Ours
• The Way Way Back

• Joy • Pan’s Labrynth
27: Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World (2012)

Plot: As an asteroid nears Earth, a man finds himself alone after his wife leaves in a panic. He decides to take a road trip to reunite with his high school sweetheart. Accompanying him is a neighbour who inadvertently puts a wrench in his plan. - IMDB

Why?: This was not originally on the list, but after watching Animal House for 20 minutes, it had to go. This film has been on plenty of end-of-the-world movie lists and I felt it could have relevance.

Pop Culture Reference: End of the world, road trip, romance themes.

Review: I wanna start by saying I was not especially looking forward to watching this, I mean it’s Steve Carell and Keira Knightley… falling in love. I mean wtf? But it all made sense.
    There are far too many apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic films out there and each one is usually heavily sci-fi. Some of those films work, if you have enough knowledge of uhhh the universe, or aliens or some shit. This particular film skips all that and basically just says, “the world is gonna end, a huge rock is gonna destroy it, you have three weeks of life left, no ifs ands or buts”. So all you have to think about is, how are the characters going to spend the last three weeks of their lives? Well, on that premise alone, this film was easier to watch and therefore much more enjoyable.
    Steve Carell surprised me, I’ve seen him do serious before and it wasn’t good. I’ve always thought he should stick to the slapstick humour of his previous characters, but thankfully in this he did a tremendous job of finding the right balance between serious and a little funny. He was believable. Keira Knightley was ok. I was glad there was no twist ending, everything happened the way it should have, in that everyone died.

In Conclusion: You don’t have to think too much, or laugh too loud. Just enjoy it, like I did.

Rating: 8 out of 11.

Seeking A Friend For The End of The World

I saw this today, expecting it to be a Romantic Comedy in which neither of the two actors, Steve Carell or Keira Knightly would suit the roles. It was completely the opposite. Both actors worked well in the same film believe it or not and it was not a Romantic Comedy.

The film was much deeper than the trailer depicted it, which is disappointing because if it had been different, it may have attracted a different range of viewers. Nevertheless I was impressed at the way it covered issues as deep as what life is itself and the importance of the individual.


#1 greatest interview ever

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What're your thoughts on momo/kyouka?

it’s a great ship! but 2 shy characters together isn’t a dynamic that appeals to me that much. i do have ships i prefer for the both of them, so while i enjoy a lot of the art i see for momojirou, i don’t really seek it out or “ship” it myself! friends of mine know i struggle with multishipping characters who i already have a favorite ship for… especially when that favorite ship is unpopular, like minamomo or kyooru, i can get a little defensive of it. but at the same time, i’m happy for the ppl who do ship momojirou that it’s so popular !!!! it’s rare for a f/f ship to gain popularity at all so i feel thankful and happy that it’s become a staple in this fandom.

Take my Life Joji x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol Addiction, near death, mentions of vomiting, triggers of self loathe and suicidal thoughts, angst but ends with fluff, this shit is dark. I didn’t add many elements of love into this I wanted to refrain from romanticizing this.. if this will negatively affect you don’t read it.

“my idea was like little imagine short fic thing where the reader has been hiding an alcohol addiction and one night it goes too far and joji finds y/n passed out in a messy heap on the floor and looks after her but when she wakes up he confronts her and make it super angsty but end in fluff ahh”

This was a private request as the requester has asked to stay anonymous and messaged me the idea privately and so I added a few elements to this to make it more seemless, hope you enjoy and if you suffer with any of the things mentioned, seek help. A friend of mine suffered with an alcohol dependent addiction to deal with emotions, so I take these things seriously. Thank you

Gif: @byedubbbz

Inspiration: Lund// Broken

Can’t tell him, can’t tell anyone. Not gonna mention a word, I can handle this. It’s good for me it helps me cope. As much as I am able to anyway. God was I wrong. I threw some empty bottles of Jack and Absolut into the trash bag and heaved it into the chute down the block. My hood of my black jacket lay low against my damp forehead, strings of hair slick against it. My eyes drooped, pulsing red and accessorised with purple sacks; reminding me of my nightly mistakes. I never did really see it as a problem, for a long time I saw it as an escape, distraction if you will and I never really saw anything wrong with what I did…guess I was just deluded.

Will you end my pain?
Will you take my life?
Will you bleed me out?

It never really did hurt me, sure there were some issues with it; the migraines, the partially failing liver, my skin paling, occasional puking blood but as a self loather you don’t see that, you don’t notice how bad an addiction can leave you; you see right through it. Many positives in my life never drove me, never motivated me to get help, especially since I didn’t tell anyone. Ian, Max, Chad or…or Joji. Sure, they knew about my suffering with depression and aspects of self hate but never put two and two together; the empty glass bottles and liquor stained couch and how I had locks on majority of my flat’s drawers.

Will you hang me out to dry?
Will you take my soul in the midnight rain?
While I’m falling apart
While I’m going…

Like tonight, here I am in a bar, with the boys, unaffected by the substances that were supposed to intoxicate me just gave me an insanely painful stomach pain. Wincing, I placed my hand under my hoodie and gently pushed my palm against my skin, attempting to soothe the pain. Joji noticed this and cocked a brow, about to offer help but I backed away and stumbled to the bathroom.

Blood, spurts of blood and a harsh brown liquid falling from my lips. Groaning, I pulled the flask from my bag and chugged the lot. It numbed my miserable state, it calmed the storm of unusual thoughts that haunted my every move. Wiping stray tears from my face, I wiped my lips and threw my trusty flask into my bag, joining the boys. Chad came back with a tray of beers and a couple rounds of shots. Cautiously, I slid in the booth next to Joji and he placed his hand onto my shaking leg.

Can you break my bones?
Will you tear my skin?
Can you taste my lust?
Can you feel my sin?

“Yo babe are you okay?” He said into my ear, the splitting noise of music boomed around so normal voices would not suffice, I faked a grin and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“Mee? Am, I am fannntastic!” I giggled, pressing a kiss to his nose and grabbing some glasses and chugging them down with no breaks and I grinned, stomach churning and I internally burned- emotionally and physically. The thing with hating yourself is, you never know when it will end so you just assume that it doesn’t and for this you punish yourself for being the way you are and it fucking kills you to know that this is what life is. Life is pain and suffering and hate and undeserved love and deserved hatred and accepting yourself as a fucking burden.

See I’m a waste of life
I should just kill myself
Yeah, I could slit my wrists
But it really wouldn’t help

After chugging down liquor for majority of the night, I snuck home and persuaded the guys I could make it down the block to my apartment. Stumbling into my door, I slammed into my glass table and puked over the couch, stinging lactic acid burning my throat.

Sobbing, my emotions crashed all at once like a nuclear explosion, my hands shook and unlocked my stash of bottles. Lids flew across the room, I poured vodka into a glass and swallowed it through clenched teeth, my body rejected it poorly and some dribbled down between my lips, carrying drips of blood.  Wailing, I threw my backpack against the wall and I fell back against the kitchen wall, facing the front door.

Wouldn’t fix my issues
Or change your mind
Cause I broke your heart
And you buried mine
Now I’m 6 feet deep and I can’t breathe
I got dirt in my eyes
And blood on my sleeves

My skin was warmed and I felt fingers creep under my back and lift me in the air, close against their chest. As comforting as it felt to be warmed as an awaking, I felt my stomach churn and flip upside down. Puke poured out of my mouth and hit the floor, my skull felt as if a drill was penetrating it ever so slowly. Slow, murky cries escaped my lips in drawn breaths.

“What the fuck were you thinking? You were near death!”

Joji, oh fuck no not Joji.

“You think I wanted to feel like this…f-feel like this is my only option here, eh Joj?” I croaked, slowly lifting myself up off of the couch. My scarred arms were shown, faint white bumps in lines filled my wrist to upper arm, blotches of purple scabs on my hands from cigarette burns and my mouth slick in vodka and puke. It was painful to see, his eyes search my body in panic and his shaking hands clenching onto his phone.


“An alcoholic, yes. A fucking mess of a human also. Why’d you come here Joji?”

“Your neighbour called me, she was worried you were hurt so I came.”

“Wish you didn’t.”

Will you end my pain?
Will you take my life?
Will you bleed me out?
Will you hang me out to dry?
Will you take my soul in the midnight rain?
While I’m falling apart
While I’m going…

“Well I’m fucking glad I did. I’m glad I managed to find you here at least alive. You think this doesn’t hurt me, to see you a fucking ruin on the tile floor, hands bleeding and clenching onto a bottle of vodka as if your life fucking depends on it. You need help, you deserve help; hell, you deserve so much more than this. This life is unhealthy, it’s not good whatsoever and all you’re gonna do is drink yourself to death doing this!” He cried, voice crackling as his tears patterned his reddened cheeks.

“Maybe that’s what I want.” I groaned, wiping my cheek and slumping down to the floor, loosely holding my legs to my chest.

Will you end my pain?
Will you take my life?
Will you bleed me out?
Will you hang me out to dry?

“No, it’s not what you want. It’s what you think you want, what you think you deserve. You think you deserve this because of what happened to-”

“Don’t you fucking dare mention her name!”

“Then what do you want me to fucking do?! Trample on egg shells trying to avoid why this is happening, it won’t change if you don’t talk about it and admit that that’s why! You can’t…punish yourself for something you couldn’t control.” He spoke more quietly, dipping down to my level. Glancing into his eyes, I felt tears well and he wrapped his arms around my front, picking me up and pulling my legs to wrap around his waist, carrying me into my room with a bottle of water clasped.

Will you take my soul in the midnight rain?
While I’m falling apart
While I’m going…

Sat holding me close on his lap, his hands were trembling against my sickly skin. My skin was prodding, slight bumps of bone revealed my slow and small appetite. Heartbroken wasn’t the word, devastated was an understatement.

“Jo I don’t wanna be here anymore.”

“Shh, we’ll-we’ll find something just like we always do, okay? We always work it out and we’ll get you some help and we’ll clean the place and rid of your alcohol and and find you a hobby or something.” His hands swirled in the bath he had ran, gently placing me into it with caution. He poured the warm water from a jug down my back and through my messy strands. Closing my eyes, I cried silently with my knees to my chest, allowing him to wash my body from dirt and sweat, removing the grease from my hair.

“We’ll get somewhere soon, just rest for now. We’ll make it somehow, baby, I promise.”

Don’t you miss me when I’m gone
Cause you’re the fucking reason that I’m not around
Don’t you miss me when I’m, miss me when I’m gone
Cause you’re the fucking reason that I’m not around
Fucking reason that I’m not around
Bitch you’re the fucking reason that I’m not around

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do you have any good/favourite bucky x darcy fics? :)

And now mine, because I’m shameless.