mine: secret

marriage is work.
marriage is a battlefield
that is not simply
defeated by good morning coffee
and goodnight kisses.
marriage is fighting for what is right,
and letting go of what is harmful.
it is giving up
your favorite side of the bed,
and holding on
to what you truly believe.

your partner should never define your beliefs
but they should be able to walk side by side
without harm of a strong argument.

marriage is bringing her green Chrysanthemums
to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day just
because you know it’s her favorite holiday.
and marriage is standing by his side
as he yells
and screams
and curses God for taking his mother away.

of course there will be moments
where you are laying on the couch
and your head is on his lap
or her hands are in your hair,
and the world will seem perfect.
marriage will assume the position
of pure bliss.

but honey,
if you’re planning for a family,
a future,
a faithful marriage..
it’s going to take work.

it’s going to take blood-sweating,

but if you manage
to have found the right one-
all of that work,
will be far more
than worth it.

—  I told a woman who was married for 50+ years that I can’t wait for marriage.