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sebastian stan is too powerful because he can fit multiple kinds of hot aesthetic. like, ‘bad guy sex god’ and ‘broody tortured soul’ hot aesthetic??? but also ‘boy next door’ and ‘james dean’ aesthetic??? and ‘subby hot who would love letting you have his way with him’ but also ‘flirty dom who’ll pin you against the wall’??? he can pull off goofy cute or attractive domestic husband or hot hipster. just look at his photoshoots, he can be literally every kind of hot and frankly, no one man should have all that power.

Five hours with him (third hour)

When he came back from the bathroom, I was still doodling in my notebook.

- What are you doing? - he asked.

- Figuring out who you are.

- But you’re drawing.

- I’m trying to remember all the people who were in the movies.

- There have been a lot.

- Well, obviously you’re neither one of the women or POC actors.

- That’s true.

- Which leaves us with… a lot of people. Okay, you’re neither Captain America,because it’s Chris. Nor Ironman, cause it’s Robert. - I looked at him. - Hawkeye was lowkey blonde so you’re not him neither.

- I thought you hadn’t watched the movies.

- I told you, I have a friend at Marvel Studios.

- Is he telling something to you?

I looked at him. - No?

- That’s cheating! Give me your phone now.

- No!

- Give it to me!

- No!

- Y/N! Now!

- Fine! - I took it from my pocket and gave it to him.

- Unblock it.

- What? Why?

- Come on.

- Fine. - I unblocked it and he got into the messages, sending Arthur, my friend working on Marvel, an audio message.

- Hey, Arthur. It’s Sebastian. Don’t you dare tell Y/N who the fuck I am. We’re playing a game and I’m wiling to take my prize. - he sent it, and put my phone on his pocket.

- You are not giving it back to me, are you?

- Nope. At least until we get to Boston.

- And what if I find out?

- That won’t happen.

- You sure?

- Pretty.

- We’ll see.

- Hey, so, is your sister having a boy or a girl?

I sighed and let my notebook on my legs, knowing what he wanted to do. Distract me.

- A boy.

- What is going to be his name?

- I’m not sure. Actually, I’m the godmother so I have to choose it.

- Anything on mind?

- Nope.

- What about Sebastian?

- What about are you stupid?

- Hey, it’s a great name!

- Yeah, for a crab!

- That hurts.

- Okay, I’m sorry. I don’t know, maybe I’ll call him Chris. - He groaned, and I laughed. - You’re really jealous!

- Of course I am! You’re here so pretty and beautiful without knowing who the fuck I am meanwhile fucking Evans is there at home without even knowing he almost had sex with such a great girl like you.

- Well, but that’s the past. It won’t happen again. And he will never know. I hope.

- It still disturbs me.

I smiled, and stroked his cheek.

- Do you want me to kiss you?

- It would be grant.

- Well, I will. Once I know who you are.

- Are you kidding me?

- No. I want to win, and you want to distract me.

- Well, my plan was actually kissing you, but if that does distract you, I guess it’s a bonus.

- Shut up, Seb.

- Okay… No, but really, how are you going to call the baby?

- I don’t know, leave me alone.

- What about James?

- Isn’t it a bit oldie for a baby?

- The baby will grow up.

- Well, yes, but…

- And Thomas?

- I’ve always hated that name.

- You could call him Thomas James. TJ.

- Like the Recess boy?

- Uhm, I guess so. Or you coud call him Jeff.

- Jeff? Like in…

- Jefferson? I don’t know. Just Jeff.

- It doesn’t sound like a baby name.

- What about Lance?

- Lance? Dude, that’s ugly.

- Chase?

- Nope.

- Andrew?

- I had a boyfriend called Andrew. And he was a dumbass, so negative.

- Ben?

- Ben? Really? Isn’t it the most boring name ever?

- What about Blaine?

- So 80’s.

- Josh?

- His father is called Josh, and I don’t want him to be called like his father.

- Martin?

- Sebby, no.

- Walter?

- That name is just to… ugh.

- Leonard?

- Like the Big bang guy? I don’t think so.

- Simon? Billy? - I looked at him with my worst face. - Okay, okay… Harry?

- Like the One Direction cute boy?

- Yeah.

- No.

- Carter?

- No! There was this guy in Gossip Girl called Carter and I hated him. Definetly no. - He kept looking at me for a while, like waiting for something. - What?

- Nothing. I just can’t believe what you just said.

- Why?

- Have you just decide not naming your nephew Carter because of a character of one TV show you watched when you were at high school?

- I really hated him. And I was in college, not high school.

- That makes it worst.

- Shut up. What was the first name you said?

- James.

- I’m gonna stick with that one.

- Yeah?

- Yeah. I mean, it’s a possibility. But don’t think it’s gonna be the one.

- I’m sure it will.

- Don’t be.

- But I am.

- Don’t.

- Why?

- Because I have another one in mind.

- Which one?

- Let’s just say it’s a good name for the winter.

He looked at me, confused, while I smiled and went back to doodling on my notebook.

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Not Fair (NSFW)

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: So it’s still just a reader insert, sorry, I wrote it before I realized you requested personal. Also this will be my first time posting a Seb fic, I usually switch it to Bucky but I thought I’d give this a go. Hope you like it!

“You know that’s really not fair.” You huffed walking into the living room.

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