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Sansa had always heard, that love was a surer route to the people’s loyalty, than fear. If I am ever Queen, I’ll make them love me.


Pairing: None. Joffrey is owned by Female!Lannister!Reader.
Words: 810
Based on this request from anon.

“What are you talking about? I am very mature.”

A/N: His ass is handed to him, and victory is sweet.

Sitting across from your nephew on the Small Council, you tapped your fingers against the table, waiting. You narrowed your eyes at him, and he glanced away from you quickly, as if he could feel a scolding coming.

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  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> im fine<p/><b>What she means:</b> sansa stark is a perfect example of how a woman doesn't need to have masculine traits to be a strong female character and you can be feminine and like pretty things and still be respectable and independent and she is so underrated as a character and doesn't deserve all the hate she gets and we need more characters like her in mainstream media.<p/></p>

Still in love with this scene ♥

Petyr/Sansa fanfic!!!1!

I love it and I’m not ashamed.  Here are some of my favs (some finished and some not so be forewarned):

The Darkness In Our Souls (Harry Potter/GOT crossover. kinda weird kinda great, lots of joffrey tho that’s my only thing)

Numb (a good read but kind of sad k)

Lessons Learned (pure smut and i love it.  teacher/student thing goin on bc mama loves that shit)

Hide and Seek (modern stuff, sansa goes to her aunt and uncles house and bow chicka wow wow)

As You Wish (Labyrinth/GOT crossover, hella fine bc david bowie/petyr baelish is hilar and dumb great read 10/10)

The Great Mockingbird (Great Gatsby/GOT crossover, NOT FINISHED AND HASN’T BEEN UPDATED IN SO LONG OMQ but really good trust me)

Sufficiently Definite (more teacher/student stuff bc i’m the worst)

Been Saving All My Summers For You (modern stuff, sessy as hell)

No One Will Believe You (smut smut smuttity smut i said a smut smut smuttity smut)

And that’s all for now but there’s always more because I’m hopeless xoxo gossip girl

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