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{ IN MY VEINS } a sansan playlist by @thehound

georgia vance joy / kiss me ed sheeran / a drop in the ocean ron pope / bloodstream stateless / can’t help falling in love haley reinhart / in my veins andrew belle / home gabrielle aplin / the howling dog ears / only you joshua radin / shiver lucy rose / gotta have you the weepies / here with me susie suh / bad blood bear’s den / all you never say birdy / into the wild lewis watson / mountains (love won’t burn my heart) savoir adore / ghosts that we knew mumford & sons / a closeness dermot kennedy / tee shirt birdy / sea of love langhorne slim / i was made for loving you kina grannis / only love ben howard / don’t lose your love ivan & alyosha / magnetised tom odell / give me love ed sheeran / safe & sound taylor swift ft. the civil wars / faded from the winter iron & wine / i get to love you ruelle / strangers jesse harper / my lover birdtalker / i’m so in love with you jill andrews / reunite isbells / light sleeping at last / to build a home the cinematic orchestra + adding more all the time!

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Character Posters ➝ Sansa Stark

They are children, Sansa thought. They are silly little girls, even Elinor. They’ve never seen a battle, they’ve never seen a man die, they know nothing. Their dreams were full of songs and stories, the way hers had been before Joffrey cut her fathers head off. Sansa pitied them. Sansa envied them.

Everyone seems to think that Daenerys will marry Jon Snow to unite the North and South once she’s on the Iron Throne but has no one thought that she could marry Sansa to do that? Daenerys can’t have children anyway and I would not at all be surprised if she would be wary of marrying a man should he then try to usurp her due to her gender, plus Jon is her nephew and if he stayed in the North that would be better for her, having a Targaryen in control in both the North and South. 

No Sansa would be the perfect political choice for Daenerys to marry. Sansa is a true Stark, the North is loyal to her, she is knowledgable about Southern politics, and she would not want the crown for herself and betray Daenerys, she’s strong and proud and faced hardships. Sansa supporting Daenerys as they ruled would honestly be the best thing that could happen for both them and the kingdom.


life is not a song, sweetling.                                                                                                                 someday you may learn that,                                                                                                                                 to your sorrow.