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Heat of the Moment!

That moment when you finally listen to the full song “Heat of the Moment” by Asia (curiosity just hit me) and the first lyrics are, I kid you not:

“I never meant to be so bad to you, One thing I said I’d never do,

“A look from you and I would fall from Grace, And that would wipe the smile right off my face…”



To me this is irrefutable proof that Sabriel is fricking canon. They picked a damn song for it, okay? 



“S-Sam” you whimpered as you stared up at him, at his whole glory.

“It’s ok, baby. I promise I’m going to make this perfect. You Alpha is going to take care of you, little Omega, don’t worry.” he gave you a small smile, kissing your neck.

“Sam, please” you whimpered more, feeling him bite at your soft spot.

“Don’t worry, (Y/n). I am going to take care of you, everything is going to be alright… mate” he whispered at your ear, kissing it softly. His lips moved to your cheek and then back to your lips, kissing you softly.

“P-please” you arched your back to press yourself closer to him “I need you… Alpha” you saw him pull away and felt a shiver run down your spine; goosebumps were all over your skin.

Sam’s pupils were so dilated that you doubted he had irises. Lust and hunger was evident in them and knew for sure that what was to come would be an unforgettable experience… one you would go through many times with Sam…

Your one and only Alpha.

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“I still maintain that it’s your fault we’re here,” you said to Dean, glaring at him. You sat between the Winchester brothers in an interrogation room in Portland, because SOMEONE decided it was a good idea to snoop around a crime scene for evidence of demons or some other weird crap.

“How was I to know they’d think our FBI badges were fake?” Dean retorted.

“Hey, don’t say anything that’ll get us into more trouble,” Sam warned.

That was when the door opened, and the investigator stepped in. You had a look of surprise when you recognized him. A look that was mirrored on his own face.

“Y/N?” he asked in surprise. “I thought you moved to another state.”

“I did, but I started traveling with these two,” you replied, pointing at the two brothers on either side of you. They both gave small waves.

“You know this guy?” Sam asked you as the investigator sat down.

“Yeah, Nick Burkhardt. Childhood friend of mine,” you replied with a nod.

“Who is now wondering what you were doing interfering with a police investigation,” Nick stated.

“I was wondering that myself,” you replied with a pointed look at Dean. Dean opened his mouth to answer, but Sam beat him to the punch.

“We are FBI agents. Those badges aren’t fake,” Sam stated. They weren’t exactly valid at the moment, either, but Nick didn’t need to know that. “The three of us are kinda like a special team. Whenever something really weird is going on that the others might get freaked out over, they send us.”

“And we’ve seen some pretty freaky things,” Dean chimed in. “It just so happened that our current investigation overlapped with your crime scene.”

“Right. And what’s so creepy about this one?” Nick asked.

“Location, mostly,” you replied. You knew Nick. He would see right through any lies. So you tried to steer this conversation as close to the truth as possible without getting yourself marked as insane. “There has been a lot of weird stuff going on around here lately. And not just the typical Bigfoot sighting, though a Bigfoot mauling IS one of the things on the list. Werewolves, witches, aliens, a guy commanding an army of mice, among other weird things… I’m not saying all of these are real. Aliens for sure don’t exist on Earth, but isn’t it weird that sightings of all of these have been occurring right around here?”

Nick’s eyes widened as you were talking, as if he knew what you were talking about. However, after he stopped, he went back into his stern cop look. “What I find odd is the fact you’ve been traveling with known felons with multiple arrest warrants out,” he said, pulling out his phone and showing a news article that shows Sam and Dean as dangerous criminals and asks people to alert their local police if spotted.

“Those are just misunderstandings,” Dean said, a little desperately.

“You know what I was talking about, though,” you told Nick, looking him in the eye. “You know about the weird sightings. And you know me, I wouldn’t lie to you. I know how well you can read people.”

“My hands are tied with Sam and Dean. I have to arrest them on the warrants alone. But I would like to have a talk with you about what you know of the weird stuff around here,” Nick stated, before getting up and leaving the room.

Loving sam winchester has literally no downside
Want a bamf evil-killer? Check
An inspiration for every aspect of your life? Check
A damn hot,handsome,intelligent man? A loyal brother and friend? A selfless savior who thinks of himself the lowest but deserves the absolute best? A relatable,funny character who’s literally been to hell and back but keeps his optimism?
I just love him so much

Daughter of an Archangel

Word Count: 2,564


Warnings: Mentions of torture, being kidnapped, I think that’s it?

Request: Hi! :) Can you write a fic in which TFW finds the reader, who doesn’t know she’s a Nephilim, and a daughter of one of the Archangels (she was an orphan) And the angels want to get to her, because with her mixed grace and soul she can be a powerful vessel, but if they can’t have her, they want to kill her. They capture and torture her to get her to consent, but TFW rescue her. Oh and she is completely amazed by Cas, but she doesn’t tell him cause she thinks she’s not good enough for him.

A/N: This one was definitely different for me considering I haven’t written a Cas-centric fic before. But I loved it all the same and enjoyed writing it! Thanks for the request ;)

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“What did I say?” 

You rolled your eyes and turned to Dean, flipping the omelette as you did. “I have a broken leg, I’m not incompetent. It’s enough that I can’t hunt for now, but what I can do is help around. Cook -”


“Excuse me?”

He took a step back, just outside the door and called, “Sammy!” He sighed and turned back to you, arms crossed over his chest, as his brother emerged. Before Sam could ask what was going on, Dean said, “She’s cooking again.”

“Oh no.”


“It’s - uh - nothing,” Sam said, “It’s just that we - um - decided to go on a diet for a while. Detoxing, protein shakes, the whole shebang.”

You frowned. “Okay? Why didn’t you tell me? I could’ve just -”

“Ugh, for fuck’s sake,” Dean grumbled, “Listen, no offense, but your food sucks.” You blinked. “I mean, seriously. We appreciate you trying, but it’s fucking -”

Sam punched Dean’s arm. “What he’s trying to say is -”

“It’s crap. I even thought of getting a dog around here just to slip it all under the table but that would be animal cruelty and I don’t want to go to hell again if I can help it.”


“I’m serious - I cry at night thinking about that ‘steak’ from last week.”

“That was unfortunate,” Sam agreed.

“Well why didn’t you say anything?” you asked, giving them the sweetest grin you could muster, “I could’ve just stopped, you know? I know cooking isn’t really my thing. I was just trying to help.”

They both narrowed their eyes at you. “So you wouldn’t have chopped our heads off and over-salted them?” Dean asked.

“Please.” You turned off the stove. “Though, I have to say, your timing is perfect - you, sir, have just won me fifty bucks.”


“I had a bet with Cas,” you admitted, “His idea.”

Son of a bitch.”

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I am seriously having such a Sam Winchester problem today. Like oh god Sam who never got to have his mom teach him his first words or steps or tie his shoes or kiss him goodbye on the first day of school. Sam who never had anything but the backseat of a car and endless monsters in the dark, who never knew any kind of security except for the warmth of his brother’s arms. Sam who jumped into hell to save the person he loved most, who would do anything to save his brother because he can’t do it without him. Sam who still manages to smile, to laugh at his brother’s stupid singing in the car, to have hope when there’s none left. Just….Sam’s my fucking hero.