mine: sam winchester

  • Cas: *on the verge of death (again)* Dean you've got to leave me here. Just go. It's too dangerous for you and Sam to stay here.
  • Dean: No Cas. I'm not leaving you here to die alright?
  • Cas: You - You've got to go Dean. I'm beyond saving but you two... you can get out of here. Go!
  • Sam: No way dude. You're family Cas
  • Dean: *single man tear* And family means no one gets left behind.
  • Adam:
  • Adam:
  • Adam:
  • Adam: Are you fucking kidding me?!

Texting Dean while he and Sam are stopped at a dinner on their way home from a hunt, because your heat started early.

Dating Sam Winchester Would Include

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Request:Could you do a dating Sam Winchester would include please? - Anon

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Ϟ Researching with him.

Ϟ Hunting together/ plus Dean.

Ϟ Deep conversations.

Ϟ Both of you’s protecting each other on hunts.

Ϟ Talking about getting married and having kids one day.

Ϟ Kissing.

Ϟ Heavily making out.

Ϟ Semi rough sex.

Ϟ Binge watching.

Ϟ Dancing.

Ϟ A lot of sex.

Ϟ Comforting each other.

Ϟ Nerdy talk.

Ϟ  Cuddling.

Ϟ I love you’s.

Ϟ Showering together.

Ϟ Shower sex.

Ϟ Kinky sex.

Ϟ Sam calling you babe.

Ϟ Complimenting each other.

Ϟ Dean getting annoyed with you and Sam being all lovey dovey.

Ϟ Flirting with each other.

Ϟ Sam’s heart fluttering every time his with you.

Ϟ Playing with his hair.

Ϟ Sam playing with your hair.

Ϟ Making you smile/laugh.

Ϟ Eating you out.

Ϟ Fingering you.

Ϟ Blowing him.

Ϟ More hot rough sex.

Ϟ Having an unbreakable bond.