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Uhh, I took the dancing and ran with it. All the original BG crew having a fun night partying….well almost everyone (come on Sarge and Church).

ooh ow

hey u wanna know my rvb gender/sexuality hc’s??? no??? to bad here they are anyway

lina: trans girl, bi
south: trans girl, gay
ct: non binary, bi
north: trans boy, gay
york: trans, pan
wash: non binary trans boy, pan with a masc preference
maine: agender, aro/ace
wyoming: cis, gay
flordia: agender, gay

alpha church: cis, bi
epsilon church: trans boy, bi
tucker: trans boy, bi with a fem preference
caboose: agender, pan/ace
doc: ??, gay
donut: trans boy, gay
lopez: agender, robot
simmons: trans boy, gay
grif: trans boy, bi
sarge: trans boy, het

supergal128  asked:

Fluff Week: Tuckington Fluff

They’re going on a date to a fancy club.

Upcoming Batch for June 22 to 28, 2017
  • Any Reader/Person/Person rt threesome
  • Felix/Locus with no gun or knife play
  • New reader soulmate
  • Lawrence/Peake
  • Male Jack fics
  • SPECIFIC: Jack was feeling like the FAHC was going to replace her, ends with her being left behind on a heist and dying, but Lindsays saves her and makes Geoff apologize to her.
  • Non-Con with Jon
  • Caboose fics