mine: rosie o'donnell


A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, 1992, dir. Penny Marshall

First things first: Geena Davis is a BABE in this movie.

But real talk: how great would it be to have more movies about the AAGPBL? This movie is great in covering so many of the outrageous rules in place and tackling the early history of the league, but there are so many more stories to be mined - the racism is given a nod; why not have stories about the Hispanic women who were given the opportunity to participate after the war? Why not touch on the lives of the many lesbian women who found home and love in the league?

This movie fails a bit for me after Kit is traded - Kit is so intensely unlikeable in every conceivable way and her behavior makes it hard for me to be happy with the ending. Geena is perfection, Madonna is fabulous, Rosie is wonderful and the montages are excellent. It’s a great love letter to non-biological-sisterhood; it’s the actual sisters whose relationship I wish I liked better.