mine: rose and rosie


gtkm meme: 5/5 youtubers - rose & rosie

Straight girls are like a car when they run over small puppies. They will just destroy anything in their wake for the gain of their own personal journey and you might be under the wheels of that straight girl, or you wish you were, but you know what? She’s never going to stop slow down and check if you are okay. Do you know why? Cause she’s got places to go, and that place is called straight town.


Get to know: youtubers Rose Dix & Rosie Spaughton;
RosieIf our love was illegal.. I would be without my soulmate. Without the woman I love, without the woman who loves me. And I just can’t be able to handle life without you.
Rose: I wouldn’t take anything over Rosie because she is so goddamn important and perfect.