mine: rosalee


Underground AU

Rosalee and Elizabeth Hawkes are known in the community as the proper ladies of the upper class. People rave about their ability to play the piano, or dance, or about their beauty. But between social events and maintaining their estate, they hide many secrets. Most of them involve smuggling former slaves up north. Or that, they have a little girl living with them as their daughter. Or, finally, that they are not proper ladies at all.

it’s all too outrageous for anybody to even come up with it. Lucky for them.

@runwithmerosalee this is for you ;)

Watching last night’s episode, I couldn’t help but compare Rosalee’s pregnancy to Suzanna’s. Suzanna’s laying around in her gowns and jewelry, sipping lemonade on the porch and listening to her daughter’s piano lessons. Rosalee’s running through the woods and fighting for her life, not sure if she’ll ever see her baby’s father again. Damn.