mine: rookie blue


Thank you Rookie Blue 2010-2015
We are messy. You know what made Rookie Blue different? That each person was so unique, and we cared enough to fight for the best in each other. The connection you saw on screen began off camera. Many days I didn’t feel that I had what it took. Guess who got me through? My teammates that became much more than that. They challenged me, all of them, through different ways because of their strengths and weaknesses. Let me tell you something, the best gift I have ever been given, is that of a real person. Is it easy? No, sometimes it was excruciating to be sitting across someone I didn’t understand, or agree with. Sometimes I didn’t have the tools to deal with what we presented each other, and that can be humiliating. But we chose to be family. And family can only be close with authenticity.


Ben might be my greatest opposite to a certain degree, and for that I’m thankful. We both share the wonderful disease of perfectionism but he has created some of the finest moments from his. The details. Ben has an incredible ability to see the smallest details and it all matters. He is attentive, thoughtful and passionate. He has taught me that even if we have a different point of view, or process, we can still connect and grow. How powerful! His light brought some of my weaknesses in view, and his very person, his unique ways, forced me to step up and be a better version of myself. Acting is not performing, it’s relating. - Missy Peregrym

More kisses, sorry not sorry, I just love kisses.

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